Neo-Nazi Flash Mobs in Germany

The threat of Neo-Nazism gaining hold in Europe may strike you as a “boogeyman”  issue – something which is sensational but hardly a real concern. Yet, every once in awhile a story comes along to remind us that radical nationalism, whatever label is placed on it, still has currency in Europe.

In light of the Neo-Nazi inspired shooting which took place in Norway last year, the rise of  radical right-wing parties in mainstream politics in France, Netherlands, Finland and other places, and the growing tension felt in modern European society over the issue of immigration, the story below should be taken seriously. Across Germany in recent months, “flash mobs” or demonstrations by Neo-Nazi youth gangs have been taking place, in some cases in large numbers. The protests are organized as a demonstration against “multiculturalism”, a phrase often interpreted to mean tolerance of the Muslim minority which lives in Germany. As the report from CNN International below shows, these youths have been able to organize eerie, torch-lit processions in various German towns, which are intended to remind us of the Nazi era night rallies which Hitler was so fond of.

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How pervasive is the political ideology of this group in Germany? The average German probably wants nothing to do with this type of protest. But the anti-multiculturalism message does resonate with a fair portion of the population. Consider recently the well publicized decision of a German court declaring circumcision illegal, a practice shared by Jews and Muslims (and which is prominent in America) but which traditional German culture has no regard for (a follow-up poll found that German public sentiment on the ruling was evenly split). One could also point to the recent Olympic scandal, where a prominent German rower had to leave the Games because it was revealed that her boyfriend was a member of a Neo-Nazi group as further evidence that this ideology, in various shades, still has appeal in Germany.

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