Is the German Chancellor a "Dictator"?

Steven LeBlanc
The writer is well known within Germany, she is the 71 year-old publicist Gertrud Höhler. She penned a book (The Godmother) that was released last week and the book has grabbed the attention of many in the nation of Germany. Höhler asserts that Chancellor Merkel is the “Godmother” of Germany, an epithet that implies that the Chancellor thirsts for power, is highly authoritarian and wishes to give Europe a “German-tailored suit”. The Chancellor is accused of embracing “authoritarian socialism”.

In an article by Ralf Neukirchhe in Spiegel online he says of the new book by Höhler,

Höhler, lays out the entire lament of Merkel’s critics. For instance, she writes, Merkel has orchestrated the end of the political careers of literally every powerful governor or other potential rival within her party — one after another. She doesn’t share Western democratic values, Höhler argues, she is ruining the euro, and all she cares about is securing more power.

Some of her claims are not entirely incorrect. Others have also criticized Merkel’s style of governing, her waffling political stances and her seeming inability to explain her own policies. But Höhler takes things a step further. She is the first to place Merkel in the same tradition as the German dictators of the 20th century.

Höhler has ordered a cup of coffee. Coffee is good, she says, because it keeps you awake and makes you combative. She points to the key passage in her book, where she asks whether Merkel’s fellow politicians have forgotten the experience “that allowed the Germans to accept two dictatorships in the 20th century,” first Hitler and later the East German communist regime.

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The book has yet to be translated into English, it is expected to sell many copies in Germany. Some say the book is a political act of revenge by Höhler, this may be the case as she has been ignored over the years by Merkel. What is of interest is the claims that Merkel is trying to control Germany and Europe. This may be an exaggeration with some truth involved.

We bring this to your attention because talk of a Dictator is a very sensitive subject in Germany—because of Germany’s past history. We do believe that the end-time beast power will be centered in Europe: The end-time kingdom “shall devour the whole earth” (Daniel 7:23). The “dragon” will give the Beast “authority to continue for forty-two months [3½ years]…over every tribe, tongue, and nation” (Revelation 13:4-7).

Remember it was the dictator Adolf Hitler who forcibly united Europe for a few years in his Third Reich. The name Third Reich was chosen as a reference to the Holy Roman Empire which was considered to be the First Reich. The 2nd Reich was the empire of the German Kaisers (taken from the ancient Roman title Caesar).

The Beast—vicious dictator—will be worshipped because Satan will empower him (Revelation 13:4). “All who dwell on the earth will worship him” (verse 8). Because of these scriptures we continually watch European politics. We do not believe Angela Merkel is the Beast, but we do believe a “Beast” dictator will emerge in the near future out of Europe.

Please review an important Video on Angela Merkel’s important upcoming decision:

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