Egypt's Military Issues Ultimatum

Steven LeBlanc

The Egyptian military is attempting to stabilize the massive unrest that is underway in Egypt. The Egyptian military issued an ultimatum Monday, demanding that President Morsi and the ruling Muslim Brotherhood start a dialogue with opposition members within 48 hours. If Morsi fails to dialogue with opposition groups the Military may immediately call for new elections.

The opposition movement called Tamarod (means: rebel) is behind the huge rally against Morsi. Tamarod has united a variety of groups under one umbrella to confront Morsi’s failure to improve the economy. Egypt is very poor and getting poorer. There is a very large class of unemployed or underemployed men who are desperate to see change—they are angry.

In an attempt to gain support from the people President Morsi plans to prevent bakers from selling wheat flour for profit. Wheat is the number #1 staple of the Egyptian diet, and Egypt (84 million population) imports more wheat than any other nation in the world. The price of bread is of paramount importance in Egypt; riots can break out if the price of bread goes too high.

Egypt is geopolitically important because it controls the Suez Canal, and because it is the most populous nation in the Arab world. The Suez Canal remains a major artery for global shipping (4 million barrels flow through the Canal every day).

America provides $1.5 billion in aid to Egypt every year—money Egypt desperately needs. Also Israel maintains a cool peace with Egypt. The Middle East needs to see a stable Egypt that retains a working relationship with Israel. War between Israel and Egypt would damage the world financial markets and the millions of people who live in that region of the world.

The next few days and weeks will reveal just how unstable Egypt is. Egypt plays a key role in the end-time prophecy of Daniel 11. We are told that just before Christ returns– “the land of Egypt shall not escape” the military invasion by the king of the North (verse 42)—a European power, that will move swiftly into the Middle East provoked by the leader of an end-time Muslim alliance led by the king of the South (verse 40). Remember, this scenario has not yet materialized, but it will happen in the near future.

Watching Egypt is important because of its Biblical relevance and geopolitical standing (most powerful army in the Arab world).

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