Israel & Saudi Arabia Angered by Deal

Steven LeBlanc

Prime Minister Netanyahu has made it very clear that “The regime in Iran is dedicated to destroying Israel and Israel has the right and obligation to defend itself with it’s own forces against every threat,” he said. “I want to make clear as the Prime minister of Israel, Israel will not let Iran develop a nuclear military capability.”

This statement in response to a deal struck early Sunday between Iran and six world powers over Iran’s nuclear program that slows the country’s nuclear development program in exchange for lifting specific sanctions while a more detailed agreement is drawn up.

The “deal” — described as an “initial, six-month” agreement — includes “substantial limitations that will help prevent Iran from creating a nuclear weapon,” U.S. President Barack Obama said in a nationally televised address.

In an earlier written statement, Netanyahu said the agreement “threatens many countries and of course Israel among them. Israel is not obliged to the agreement.”

“If in five years, a nuclear suitcase explodes in New York or Madrid,” Naftali Bennett, the Israeli minister of trade and industry, said, “it will be because of the agreement that was signed this morning.”

Iran agreed to give “increased transparency and intrusive monitoring of its nuclear program,”. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called the deal an opportunity “to avert an unnecessary crisis.” Secretary of State John Kerry said the agreement does not roll back the “vast majority of the sanctions that are currently in place.”

Last week the British newspaper the Sunday Times, reported that Saudi Arabia has agreed to let Israel use its air space, and will contribute help to Israel by cooperating on the use of drones, rescue helicopters and tanker planes. The Times states: “Once the Geneva agreement is signed, the military option will be back on the table. The Saudis are furious and are willing to give Israel all the help it needs,” the Times quoted a source as saying.

Wars and Rumors of War (Matthew 24:6) is the scripture that continues to play out. We will be watching this story very closely!

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