America a tired and confused giant (Prophecy)

Steven LeBlanc

To its adversaries the United States speaks softly and carries a plastic stick. From Iran to Russia, from Israel to the Far East, and from Egypt to Iraq, Washington stumbles about without any direction or firmness of will. To many of America’s allies, especially Israel, President Obama’s foreign policy calls for the US to appease its adversaries while it ignores its allies.

What the President doesn’t seem to understand is that American inaction in global trouble spots such as Syria, Ukraine and Egypt creates a vacuum, a vacuum that will be filled by America’s enemies.

America’s evacuation from Iraq delivered that country to Iranian dominance. President Obama’s vacillating on Syria encouraged Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah to reverse the tide of war in Syria in President Assad’s favor.

American weakness is undermining our relationship with Japan. Etsuro Honda, a key adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, told The Wall Street Journal Japan needs to develop the military capacity to defend itself by itself. The clear message is that Japan sees America’s weakness in the Middle East and its weak response to Russia over Crimea, which translates into Japan no longer trusts the US to defend it.

In contrast to America, Russia is showing clarity and strength in the region. This is the message to the Ukraine: Obey our rules or we will shut down your agricultural exports (Ukraine is the third-largest grain exporter in the world). We can destroy your economy, and we can cut off your energy overnight if you resist us.

America’s allies are angry with Washington’s red-line challenges all over the world — red lines that quickly fade leaving allies such as Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Ukraine hanging in mid-air.

Columnist Charles Krauthammer writes this regarding the President’s passive foreign policy: The alternative to passivity is not war but a serious foreign policy. For the last five years, Obama’s fruitless accommodationism has invited the kind of aggressiveness demonstrated by Iran in Syria, China in the East China Sea, and Russia in Ukraine. But what’s done is done. Put that aside. What is to be done now?

As Russia – annexes Crimea and possibly eastern Ukraine, because of the ethnic Russian majority in this part of Ukraine, it would also represent the biggest land confiscation since Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s.

As Putin’s agenda unfolds, you don’t hear much from London and Paris. Germany has moved into the leadership role in Europe. A German dominated EU must reach an accommodation with a resurgent Russia. 75 years ago, a strange pact between Russia and Germany led directly to World War II. Watching the reaction of Germany to Russia’s aggression is most important.

As for America—you are witnessing the decline of one of the greatest superpowers in all of history. We are a tired giant that lacks will and clarity. The nations see America’s weakness.

We look to Germany and Central Europe for the rise of a future world authority that replaces America as the world’s dominant power (Revelation 13:1–10). This “Beast” will have one strong dictator who is given authority over ten nations (Revelation 17:12–13; Daniel 2:41–43). As the United States declines because of its sins and immorality, nations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East will scramble to find new allies.

The king of the North (the Beast-led Europe); the king of the South (an Arab-led confederation); and the kings of the East (an Asian coalition of nations, including Russia) will be the major players in the end time. Europe and the East will maintain peace for a time, the Bible reveals that after the North invades the South (moving into Israel), the East will feel pressured to attack the north (Daniel 11:40–44).

A colossal confrontation between Europe and Asia will include armies of enormous size and destruction that will make World War II pale in comparison (Revelation 9:13–18). While Germany might pursue peace with Russia for now, Bible prophecy reveals that there will be a final devastating war between Europe and Asia immediately before Christ’s return.

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