America's double minded leadership

Steven LeBlanc

03 30 2014

In Israel there is bewilderment and anger at President Obama’s veiled threats, and as many Israelis see it—the President’s bullying. Earlier in the month the President made it clear to Prime Minister Netanyahu that if Israel did not accept America’s framework for a two-state solution then the U.S. would no longer defend Israel against United Nation threats and anti-Israel agendas coming out of Europe.

As Israel sees it– as far as Washington is concerned, making peace between the Arabs and Israel has little to do with persuading the Arabs to recognize the Jewish state. Yet Mr. Netanyahu has accepted the landscape of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, Mr. Abbas has said repeatedly that the Palestinians will never accept that Israel is a Jewish state. The PLO continues to refuse to accept Israel’s right to exist. Yet Israel is pressured by America to accept a Palestinian nation within its borders.

A poll by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University revealed last week that 64% of Israelis do not trust Mr. Kerry to treat Israel’s security as a “crucial factor” in the framework peace proposal, while some 53% of Israeli Arabs don’t trust him either. Both the U.S. and Britain present themselves as Israel’s candid friends. Israel doesn’t quite see it like that.—Melanie Phillips, WALL STREET JOURNAL—March 20, 2014

What’s evolving in the Middle East is a copy of what we’re seeing around the rest of the world. From Ukraine and Russia to Asia and the Middle East. International governments watch as America flinches from its role as the world’s chief leader, the nations scramble to form alliances to fill the leadership void Washington is leaving. The message America is sending is—we say one thing but do another—we cannot be trusted as a friend.

For the past 100 years America has been the ballast of the nations and the guarantor of global order. But that is now rapidly changing. President Obama has stated repeatedly that the U.S. is “war weary”. America is cutting back on defense spending and diminishing its involvement across the globe. Our allies are constantly disappointed in Washington, and America’s enemies such as Russia and Iran sense weakness.

If the Israelis are angry with President Obama, then the Saudis are flat out enraged with the President for cutting a deal with Iran—the Saudis biggest rival.

Expect greater international chaos over the years ahead as America withdraws from the international arena. The present administration is viewed as being unstable by many of the world’s leader—and a double-minded leader is unstable in all of his ways (James 1:8). Nations crave stability—so our allies are beginning to look elsewhere.

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