Secretary Kerry offends Jews

Steven LeBlanc

Jews around the world are seething over remarks made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who warned that Israel could become an apartheid state if they did not reach a peace treaty with the Palestinians. Apartheid is a set of laws designed to create ‘separation’ between races that existed in South Africa between 1949 and 1994.

Secretary Kerry insisted his remarks were only an expression of his conviction that a two-state solution was the only way to end the long-running impasse. But most Jews don’t buy his explanation. The US secretary of state has recently apologized.

Columnist: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER has stated; It’s beyond nonsense, it is pernicious and extremely harmful. What the Secretary of State of the United States has succeeded in doing, in what he thought was a private comment, is to echo and therefore to legitimize the worst of the libelous claims against the Jewish state.

If there is one minority in the Middle East that enjoys the rule of law, and protection, and democracy it is Arabs in Israel. One out of every five Israelis is a Palestinian, overwhelming they are Muslim. There are Arabs in the government, in the Supreme Court, in all walks of life, in the universities. There’s actually affirmative action if you are a Palestinian in the universities. And to compare that in anyway with the systematic discrimination against black Africans in South Africa is truly appalling and hurtful.

What so many of the world’s leaders fail to appreciate is that the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, the PLO have insisted that the 600,000 Jews living in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria must leave their homes and land before the Palestinians recognize Israel. To put it another way: The Palestinians demand that the territory that would comprise their state must be ethnically cleansed of all Jews before they will agree to a two-state solution. They also demand that the borders of the Palestinian state will be along the 1967 ‘green-line’ and that its capital will be East Jerusalem. Anti-Semitism is the problem that Washington and most of Europe choose to ignore.

What the Western press fails to acknowledge is that raw hatred of Jews is the single biggest factor contaminating the Peace process. The Palestinians claim they want peace but they lie…it reminds me of Proverbs 26:24-25: He that hates disguises it with his lips, and lays up deceit within himself; when he speaks graciously, believe him not, for there are seven abominations in his heart…

As you can see in the Secretary’s comments, the current administration sees Israel through jaundice eyes.

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