America...cannot be trusted (part 1)

Steven LeBlanc

05 19 2014

America’s friends have come to the conclusion that the present administration in Washington is good when it comes to tough talk and rhetoric but untrustworthy when it comes to protecting its allies against the aggressors of the world.

America has promised to stand strong against Iran, to confront China on its aggressive advance in the South China Sea, to back up Israel, and to punish Russia for its incursion in Ukraine. Various implied and stated promises to our allies have been either ignored or blatantly brushed aside. Red lines have been drawn only to be withdrawn.

The lesson here is that God expects people and nations to keep their pledges and commitments. Washington has failed repeatedly to honor its word, and its implied obligations with its friends [allies]—they have had enough!

Take note of Numbers 30:2: “If a man vows a vow to the Lord, or swears an oath to bind himself by a pledge, he shall not break his word (this applies for international agreements as well). He shall do according to all that proceeds out of his mouth.”

U.S. allies observe Ukraine, who relied upon US and UK protection against Russia, giving up its nuclear arsenal in the 1990s based upon an agreement. Ukraine now finds itself unarmed in a face-off with Russia, unprotected by the United States and Western Europe. In order to prevent nuclear proliferation, the United States and Great Britain forged a deal with Russia and Ukraine to eliminate the latter’s atomic weapons stockpiles. Under the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, Ukraine agreed to transfer all of its nuclear arms to Russia.

In exchange, Russia, the US and the UK promised “to seek immediate United Nations Security Council action to provide assistance to Ukraine…if Ukraine should become a victim of an act of aggression.” The treaty was simply not honored. Russia took Crimea (Ukrainian territory) enduring only a small slap on the wrist.

An Arutz Sheva [Israel National News] article asserts: “The lesson for Israel from Ukraine’s current plight, according to ex-Member of the Knesset Aryeh Eldad, is that Western guarantees of Israel’s security must never be trusted.

NATO, the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, were expected to honor its treaty obligations and help Ukraine defend itself against Russian imperialism. History remembers Western Europe’s failure to support Czechoslovakia against Nazi aggression only emboldened Hitler. Appeasement did not prevent the Second World War. Appeasement is the tool of the day used by the U.S. in Eastern Europe.

When Russia made its move into Crimea note the Ukrainian prime minister’s visit to Washington, his government urgently requested military assistance. The Pentagon refused. It offered instead military ration kits. It was followed by Visa denials, and frozen assets for 11 people—a very weak response.

Whether the problem is Syria, Ukraine, Iran, Egypt or China– Washington’s Foreign Policy signals weakness. The President is short sighted, outright naïve when dealing with international conflict. Our allies are turning elsewhere to seek alliances and a sense of security because the message sent from Washington is that America is timid and no longer stands by its friends.

America’s “friends” have been watching Washington for the past few years and they don’t like what they see. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and the Gulf states see a President and Secretary of State that are given to tough rhetoric and platitudes, but see a decided lack of follow through and strength. Teddy Roosevelt, speaking of America’s approach to foreign policy, said speak softly and carry a big stick. The current administration speaks proudly then initiates sanctions and verbal reprimands that can easily be endured.

For the past 70 years America has been the protector of our allies, protecting smaller nations from regional bullies, but the last several years the U.S. has sent a very different message to our friends. The message is that we make promises, but our promises to you will ultimately be ignored.

Saudi Arabia
The King of Saudi Arabia is so angry with President Obama he cut short a visit with the President after only 2 hours of talks — no dinner — after President Obama made a special 2,300-mile rerouting from Europe to see him. Saudi dinners are a show of friendship and hospitality, no dinner was a clear signal from the Saudi leadership that they are fed-up with the President’s appeasement approach in Syria and especially with Iran.

The administration in Washington claims that by permitting Iran to undertake some nuclear activities it can convince the Iranian leadership to back off from their plan to develop nuclear weapons. Such gullible thinking has infuriated not just Israel but the Saudi leadership as well. Remember, Shiite Iran is an enemy of the Saudi Kingdom (Sunni). If Iran gets an atomic weapon a Middle East arms race will erupt. Saudi Arabia will then be forced to get a nuclear device of their own—most likely with the help of their ally Pakistan.

They Gulf States and Saudi Arabia are beside themselves with disgust as they watch the wide-eyed Americans get “handled” by the Iranians. Israel and the Sunni Middle East leaders view Washington as too willing to come to terms with Iran on the Iranian nuclear issue. The Netanyahu government has lost all confidence in the Obama presidency. Israel estimates that Iran already has sufficient quantities of enriched uranium to produce five atomic bombs. As Netanyahu has said, the short-term nuclear deal the US and its allies signed with Iran last November only delays Iran’s bomb making capacity by six weeks. [to be continued]…

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