Foreigners add "fire" to ISIS

Steven LeBlanc


In Daniel 11:40-44– a Prophecy shows the resurgence of an end-time power from the Middle East called the King of the South. This King will provoke another power called the King of the North. The King of the North will retaliate by invading several Middle Eastern nations and establishing his headquarters in “the Glorious Land”—which is, the State of Israel. We believe history reveals to us that the King of the North is a European Dictator (to yet emerge)—the King of the South will be an Islamic leader.

This event is pivotal– the most dangerous geopolitical “match” of all that is foretold in the Bible because it triggers a movement of powers into the Middle East from Europe, Eastern Europe, South Asia and Asia.

We do not believe ISIS to be this power of the King of the South—but its rise in numbers and strength demonstrates how quickly an “Islamic caliphate” can emerge on the world stage. What is of particular interest is just how many foreigners are joining ISIS—some of the most violent fighters within the ranks of ISIS are the European jihadists! These foreign members of ISIS are extremely fanatical: Notice that 2,000 of these jihadists are from Europe.

09 21 2014

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