King of the North will take control of Jerusalem

01 18 2015
Belgian soldier guards outside U.S. Embassy in Brussels

The terrorist attacks in France and Belgium serves as the latest example of the clash between Europe and Islam. With growing tensions between Europe and Islam, God revealed to the prophet Daniel what would happen in the “latter days” (Daniel 2:28). The suspected Islamist terrorists who had a shootout with police on Thursday in Verviers, Belgium, have ties to ISIS-linked cells in other European countries, a senior Belgian counterterrorism source told CNN on Friday. The two suspects who died in the shootout are thought to have fought with ISIS in Syria. So what should we be looking at in terms of prophecy?

Daniel was told that at “the time of the end” a king of the South [Islamic dictator] will attack the king of the North [European leader], “and the king of the North will come against him like a whirlwind… and he shall enter [many] countries, overwhelm them… He [European dictator] shall also enter the Glorious Land [Israel], and many countries shall be overthrown” [Daniel 11:40–41]. This European Tyrant will take control of the temple mount. The countries that the king of the North will enter and overthrow include the Muslim nations of the Middle East and North Africa. The king of the North will gain possession of the resources of Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia (and part of Sudan)—including their gold, silver, oil and natural gas. Psalm 83 reveals that the king of the South will consist of a confederacy of Muslim nations—including among them Edomites, Ishmaelites, Amalekites and Moabites—who will conspire to “cut off” Israel “from being a nation”—this King of the South will be an Islamic leader—a type of Mahdi, or savior in the eyes of many in the Islamic world.

Who, then, is this king of the North? Prophecy describes the final revival of an empire with tie-ins to ancient Rome that is composed of ten kings (leaders of nations) who will surrender their sovereignty to a leader called the Beast, just before the return of Jesus Christ (see Daniel 2; 7; Revelation 17:12). The Roman Empire, and its revivals, is a fact of European history. We look to Europe as the location where the final revival of the Beast power will materialize. The king of the North will be an end-time leader who will arise in Europe and be closely linked with a charismatic Catholic leader (Revelation 13:11). This outcome will resemble the Europe of the Middle Ages, when emperors of the Holy Roman Empire and Popes of the Roman Catholic Church ruled over European nations. This was the Europe that launched the Crusades to regain the Holy Lands from the Muslims. Bible prophecies indicate that a “final battle” will involve another confrontation between forces from “Christian” Europe in the north, and the Islamic world to the south. Israel will be caught in the middle of this conflict.—Steven LeBlanc

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