Dangerous Europe

Steven LeBlanc

The European Union is struggling to survive. Below is the latest thinking from Statfor intelligence founder George Friedman. Statfor is one of the world’s premier intelligence services. Mr. Friedman has just released a book entitled The Emerging Crisis in Europe:

Possible Seismic Changes Ahead
There are then three drivers in Europe now. One is the desire to control borders — nominally to control Islamist terrorists but truthfully to limit the movement of all labor, Muslims included. Second, there is the empowerment of the nation-states in Europe by the European Central Bank, which is making its quantitative easing program run through national banks, which may only buy their own nation’s debt. Third, there is the political base, which is dissolving under Europe’s feet.

The question about Europe now is not whether it can retain its current form, but how radically that form will change. And the most daunting question is whether Europe, unable to maintain its union, will see a return of nationalism and its possible consequences. As I put it in Flashpoints:

The most important question in the world is whether conflict and war have actually been banished or whether this is merely an interlude, a seductive illusion. Europe is the single most prosperous region in the world. Its collective GDP is greater than that of the United States. It touches Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Another series of wars would change not only Europe, but the entire world.

To even speak of war in Europe would have been preposterous a few years ago, and to many, it is preposterous today. But Ukraine is very much a part of Europe, as was Yugoslavia. Europeans’ confidence that all this is behind them, the sense of European exceptionalism, may well be correct. But as Europe’s institutions disintegrate, it is not too early to ask what comes next. History rarely provides the answer you expect — and certainly not the answer you hope for.

This is a perceptive observation by Mr. Friedman.

Let me state emphatically that this is not to say that Europe is about to implode immediately, but it is important to watch the stress that is in play in Europe.

You need to watch Europe closely because the Bible tells us that in the future a European –centered “beast” power is the final resurrection of the Roman Empire, one of the four great gentile empires of Daniels’ vision (Daniel 7)—it will be the final manifestation of the empire that fights Christ as His return (Revelation 17:12-14).

In one of Daniel’s visions, God pictured four empires as rapacious beasts. The fourth beast (Rome) is pictured as a predatory, war-making creature, having 10 horns—indicating 10 successive resurrections (Daniel 7:19–25). A tyrant will change times and laws, and will persecute true Christians (Daniel 7:21–25). Other prophecies indicate that a charismatic despot (also called a “beast”) will eventually lead this European-based power, deceitfully gaining prestige as a peacemaker and then becoming a Hitler-type figure—(following the historical model of Antiochus Epiphanes as stated in Daniel 11:20–32). The revival of this Satan-directed, beast-power, with ties to Rome, will surprise the world (Revelation 13:1–7). Prophecy tells us that 10 kings voluntarily surrender their sovereignty to a powerful leader (Revelation 17:12–13).

This European matrix will dominate the global economy (Revelation 18). The Prophets including Amos and Hosea, and Isaiah (chapter 10) and Jeremiah 30, disclose that this German-dominated structure of nations will attack America and British-descended peoples, and will carry them into captivity because of their national sins.

We are watching closely the European Debt Crisis to see how it impacts the world economy. Remember, the European Union’s economy is the largest trading bloc in the world.

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