Netanyahu believes the President is Passive

Steven LeBlanc

Netanyahu lashed out at the Administration this week concerning the Iran Nuclear deal:

“It appears that they have given up on that commitment and are accepting that Iran will gradually, within a few years, will develop capabilities to produce material for many nuclear weapons,” he said in Israel.

“They might accept this but I am not willing to accept this,” he said in remarks delivered in Hebrew and translated. “I respect the White House, I respect the president of the United States, but in such a fateful matter that can determine if we exist or not, it is my duty to do everything to prevent this great danger to the state of Israel.”

The Administration despises Netanyahu and is enraged that the Prime minister is going to speak to Congress on March 3rd. Secretary of State John Kerry effectively called Netanyahu a serial alarmist, and warmonger. National security adviser Susan Rice denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming address to a joint meeting of Congress, calling it “destructive” to the relationship between the United States and Israel.

As the clock ticks toward an Iranian/US agreement, Netanyahu has absolutely no trust that America under President Obama’s leadership would act in a timely manner to prevent Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold. The Israeli Prime Minister cannot help but to notice that the President has demonstrated a pronounced lack of US will when dealing with international conflict. President Obama embraces what he calls “Strategic patience” which is a synonym for passivity. Mr. Netanyahu sees that Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine and that Iran now extends its hegemony over Sanaa, Beirut, Bagdad and Damascus (a total of four Arab capitals). And there of course is ISIS—the President has responded with extreme slowness and a consistent lack of clear strategy.

Many in Israel are overwhelmed with worry. US intelligence agencies do not have a good track record when it comes to appreciating nuclear advancement of world powers; they were taken by surprise when India, Pakistan and North Korea joined the nuclear club. Iran is next. Netanyahu will seek to warn the world yet again when he speaks on March 3rd. Netanyahu’s focus on the Iranian threat is a continual reminder of Washington’s double mindedness (I Corinthians 14:8), its lack of strategy regarding international conflict and its confusingly slow response to global bullies.

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