Syria...The World's Nightmare

Why is Syria important? Its strife is impacting all of the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Russia and the United States. Syria was once a nation of close to 22 million people. It has now imploded, being engulfed in a vicious proxy civil war.

Syria is a complicated nation, always has been. The 22-million population comprises various ethnic and religious groups, including Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Christians, Druze, Alawite Shias and Arab Sunnis. About 75 percent are Sunni Muslims but the minority Alawites, the sect of President Assad, rules the country, they are a version of Shia Islam.

I remind you–This insane Syrian civil war has killed nearly 300,000 people, displaced half of the country’s population—11 million, and facilitated the rise of ISIS. Millions have fled Syria flooding into neighboring nations as seen in the map below:
01 08 2016a
What is going on in Syria is partly a civil war of government against people; partly a religious war setting Assad’s minority Alawite sect, aligned with Shiite fighters from Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, against Sunni rebel groups; and also a proxy fight featuring Russia and Iran against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

An end to the Syrian conflict is nowhere in sight, and more countries are being drawn into the mayhem. Notice a recent development out of Saudi Arabia–Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the creation of an Islamic military coalition… The coalition would consist of 34 countries, mostly Arab countries. They have pledged to fight against the Islamic State which, remember, has its headquarters in Raqqa Syria, a city of 220,000. Here is an abbreviated list of nations, mostly Islamic, who will now be involved in Syria —at least to a degree.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the coalition will include Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Turkey, Chad, Togo, Tunisia, Djibouti, Senegal, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Gabon, Guinea, the Palestinians, Comoros, Qatar, Cote d’Ivoire, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Yemen.

Below is a graph that gives you a bigger picture of the Syrian Proxy battleground:
01 08 2016b

So Why is Syria so very important, in terms of world events & Prophecy?

1)    It is the Headquarters for ISIS, the city of Raqqa is in northern Syria, population 220,000 and is controlled by ISIS.
2)    Syria is the fountainhead for the refugee crisis…tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands will leave Syria for Europe; it has already sparked a massive migration of Muslims from other areas of the Middle East and Africa, and Afghanistan.  Nearly 2 million Muslims will try to enter Europe in 2016—The implosion of Syria has destabilized all of the Middle East.
3)    Syria is the hub of the Proxy war featuring Russia, Iran and Hezbollah against the United States and its allies including Saudi Arabia, Jordan—the Gulf States.
4)    Syria is an enemy of Israel, and a friend of Iran and Russia.
5)    Syria provides Russia with a base for its port of Tartous, which serves as Russia’s sole Mediterranean base for its Black Sea fleet.
6)    Syria will be destroyed as outlined in prophecies in Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49, and Amos 1.
7)    Syria has become an enemy of Turkey—many of the Edomites of prophecy reside in Turkey–Turkey was one of the earliest countries to invest heavily in the overthrow of the Assad regime.  Turkey wages war on the Syrian Kurds, Islamic State’s most successful opponents. Early on, Turkey wanted to support a Sunni majority government in Syria, run by the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A prophecy in Jeremiah 49:23-33 is directed “against Damascus,” the capital of Syria representing the nation as a whole. Syria, north of the land of Israel, was often a hostile neighbor to ancient Israel and Judah, and today remains a hostile neighbor to the modern Jewish state of Israel.

Damascus, formerly “the city of praise” (verse 25), will be destroyed “in that day” (verse 26)—referring to the Day of the Lord. This is even more clearly seen in verse 27. Read Amos 1:3, we are told that Damascus will be punished for its many sins.  Damascus will eventually be totally destroyed just before Christ returns (Isaiah 17:1).  Does that mean Syria will be totally destroyed in the next year—NO!  But that destruction will come when God determines it.  The timing of that destruction is God’s prerogative.

Keep watching Syria!

Steven LeBlanc

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