Iran Threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz

American Destroyer harassed by Iranian speed boats

The warning follows an episode on Wednesday when a US warship and Iranian ships faced off near the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf. US Navy spokesman Bill Urban said on Thursday that a US Navy patrol boat in the Persian Gulf fired three warning shots after an Iranian vessel approached head on, coming within 200 meters of the US ship.

During Wednesday’s incident, the USS Squall “resorted to firing three warning shots from their 50-caliber gun, which caused the Iranian vessel to turn away,” he said.

Iran has again threatened it will close the strategic Strait of Hormuz, a passageway through which 40 percent of the world’s oil is transported, unless the US and its allies stop “threatening” it, a senior Iranian military commander has said. The Strait of Hormuz is the world’s chief seafaring energy choke point. Through that narrow waterway passes more than 17 million barrels of oil – more than a third of all maritime-traded oil each day.

Iran does play a significant role in end-time prophecy, but many get confused on the timing of various prophecies concerning Persia. Let me briefly state that Persia (Iran) is mentioned as part of the Gog-Magog pact in Ezekiel 38-39, noting that Russia, China, Pakistan and India, along with Iran, merge together to attack the country of Israel. The question is; when does this take place?

Many believe that Ezekiel 38:8 refers to the Jews who have returned to the land during the past century, they conclude that this prophecy concerns an invasion of the modern Jewish state of Israel prior to Christ’s return. But this cannot be, as the attack occurs when Israel is dwelling in peace with no defensive walls, a time soon after Christ’s coming better fits this prophecy. The returned Israelites are described in this prophecy as dwelling in peace and safety-in a “land of unwalled villages…without walls, and having neither bars nor gates” (verse 11). This certainly does not describe Israel today, but better describes Israel at the beginning of the Millennium.

We will explore Iran more in depth in a future blog regarding Persia (Iran) at the time of the end—Steven LeBlanc

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