Free Prophecy Bible Study

with Pastor Steven LeBlanc (World Watch Today Radio AM 770-KCBC) 

Saturday, June 22nd at 2PM

Free Seminar Covering:

Prophecy: What nation will attack America?

Special 200 million man army Map based on Revelation 9 prophecy

Latest update: Temple to be built in Jerusalem

Latest changes in Europe you need to know: PROPHETIC meaning!

Discussing Iran in Prophecy: Iran Threatens USA & Israel

Discussion: Anti-Christ …what country this man will come from—

The Answer will surprise you!

14 handouts; including Russia in Prophecy handout!

Surprising changes taking place in Israel – what are these changes?

“The worst time ever prophecy”— found in Daniel 12:1; how it will impact the Middle East, Europe and America!

21 Facts about the world you need to understand—HANDOUT 

Prophecy: America moving warships to confront Iran

Free Prophecy Seminar

June 22nd, Saturday at 2 PM

Crowne Plaza Sacramento

5321 Date Ave Sacramento, CA 95841 (916) 338-5800

Directions: From Northbound I-80

Take Exit 96 (Madison Ave exit) Turn Right on Madison Ave Turn left on Date Ave
Hotel is easy to see on your left

Friends and Family Welcome

No registration needed to attend! REFRESHMENTS SERVED

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