Israeli Assassins Strike Iran

Israeli assassins are sending a message to Iran’s nuclear scientists, the message is, ‘We can get you anywhere, any time.’

Two men on motorbikes attached a magnetic explosive device to a car containing Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a 32-year-old chemist who was deputy director for procurement at the Natanz nuclear plant.

Israel has emerged as the most likely source in the assassination. Mossad (Israeli intelligence) is skilled at carrying out assassinations abroad and is gravely concerned about Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon.

The editor of Iran’s hard-line Kayhan newspaper, Hossein Shariatmadari, penned a column urging revenge for the killing. “Assassinations of Israeli military and officials are easily possible,” he wrote. Four Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in the past two years and a fifth was seriously injured.

In the last 18 months Iranian computers organizing the enrichment process have been paralyzed by two computer viruses—Stuxnet and DuQu. In the past year three explosions have initiated destruction at Iranian military sites believed to be connected to the nuclear program.

These attacks are meant to strike fear among Iranian nuclear workers. They are also causing young scientists to think twice about becoming involved in Iran’s nuclear program, says an Israeli espionage expert.

The covert war against Iran continues. America and Europe have intensified economic pressure on the Iranian regime. And a mounting war of words is flowing from Iran.
Wars and rumors of war abound (Matthew 24:6). The question now… is when and if rumors of war transitions into actual war between Iran and Israel.

Steven LeBlanc

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