Germany..."Greece Cannot Be Trusted"

The Greek economy is a disaster and Germany is insisting that Greece fall under the direct control of the European Union, as Greece has no self-discipline to control itself.

The Germans don’t trust the Greeks to keep any agreements, which is not unreasonable given that the Greeks haven’t followed through on previous promises. Germany attempted to set in motion a plan to suspend Greek sovereignty by transferring it to a European receiver who is not Greek.

The Germans believe that given the financial foolishness of the Greek government, and the Greek public, creditors have the responsibility, right and power to suspend the national sovereignty of Greece in the financial sphere. This is an enormous blow to Greek pride—igniting a firestorm of anti-German hatred across Greece. Images of Germany’s Angela Merkel in Nazi attire is seen on Greek T.V. , the internet and in newspapers.

Though the European Commission rejected Germany’s plan, the concept may be brought up again before European leaders. Greece resents Germany dictating terms but Greece is being forced to deal with the harsh reality that “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender”—Proverbs 22:7. Germany is the lender—Greece is in desperate need of borrowing more money.

Steven LeBlanc

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