Germany Angry- "Greece a Bottomless Pit"

Greek President Karolos Papoulias slammed Germany’s finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble for insulting his nation. Greeks are angry because of German officials almost daily lectures on the appalling state of the Greek economy.

A livid President Papoulias singled out Schaeuble after he suggested Greece might go bankrupt. Wolfgang Schaeuble is warning “Greek promises aren’t enough for us anymore”, and he has likened Greece to a bottomless pit. Finnish and Dutch leaders have also strongly condemned Greece.

“I don’t accept insults to my country by Mr. Schaeuble”… Papoulias, an 82-year-old veteran of Greece’s resistance struggle against the Nazi occupation of World War Two lashed out–Who is Mr. Schaeuble to ridicule Greece? Who are the Dutch? Who are the Finns? We always had the pride to defend not just our own freedom, not just our own country, but the freedom of all of Europe”.

Angela Merkel’s Germany’s government remains committed to enabling another aid package for Greece and doing what it can to avoid the first sovereign default in the euro zone. German leaders and many Germans are angry that it is primarily Germany that is required to bail out the “lazy, overspending Greeks”. Greek debt is massive due to selfish overspending that has gone on for years.

Television clips of Greek anti-austerity protesters, and politicians blaming Chancellor Angela Merkel for their financial difficulties incited anger in the patriotic pages of Germany’s best-selling daily, Bild. The news daily writes that Greeks and other European recipients of aid to which Germany is the biggest single contributor… “should put flowers outside our embassies and send the chancellor thank-you notes.” In one recent opinion poll, two thirds of Germans surveyed said they doubted Greece’s determination to reign in their financial sloth.

Resentment of the tough German stand on Greece’s failure to meet targets set by the EU and IMF in return for financial aid has escalated in recent months. Computer images of Angela Merkel in a Nazi uniform are showing up more and more in Greece. Protesters burned a German flag a few days ago. Germans are fuming over Greece’s Nazi name-calling.

The frenzied effort to bail out Greece and save it from a devastating debt default continues. But Germany may finely say they have had enough, and allow Greece to default.

Prophecy reveals that that the global superpower to emerge at the time of the end will be centered in Europe. As related in Daniel 2, the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar saw a great image of a human figure in a dream. The image has feet with 10 toes representing the grouping of 10 kings or leaders of nations who would form this final empire. The description given sounds hauntingly like some nations that comprise the European Union today. We believe Germany will lead this end-time Beast configuration.

The toes were composed “partly of potter’s clay and partly of iron,” which reveals that “the kingdom shall be divided” and “be partly strong and partly fragile” (verses 41-42). Also, “just as iron does not mix with clay,” the member nations of this kingdom will not coexist together for long (verse 43). These nations are described in a way that appears to indicate they preserve their individual cultures and political will. Some will be much more powerful than others. Just as Germany is much more powerful than Greece, each country is greatly different in persona—demonstrating a fragile friendship. Eventually, European leaders will give their power and authority to what the book of Revelation describes as an, animal-like leader—”the beast” who is cunning and brutal (Revelation 17:12-14); who also rules a system called the Beast. That leader has not risen to prominence yet. But that will happen soon—most likely in your lifetime.

Watch Europe… a major power shift is underway.

Steven LeBlanc

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