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02082016Below is a very perceptive article on why people are not getting married today. You can see Dennis Prager’s articles at

‘I’m Not Ready to Get Married’ by Dennis Prager

Part I in a series of widely held beliefs that are either untrue or meaningless:
In every age, people say and believe things that aren’t true but somehow become accepted as “conventional wisdom.”

The statement “I’m not ready to get married” is a current example. Said by more and more Americans between the ages of 21 and 40 (and some who are older than that), it usually qualifies as both meaningless and untrue. And it is one reason a smaller percentage of Americans are marrying than ever before. So, here’s a truth that young Americans need to hear:

Most people become “ready to get married” when they get married. Throughout history most people got married at a much younger age than people today. They were hardly “ready.” They got married because society and/or their religion expected them to. And then, once married, people tended to rise to the occasion. The same holds true for becoming a parent. Very few people are “ready” to become a parent. They become ready … once they become a parent. In fact, the same holds true for any difficult job. What new lawyer was “ready” to take on his or her first clients? What new teacher, policeman, firefighter is “ready?” You get ready to do something by doing it.

In addition, at least two bad things happen the longer you wait to get “ready” to be married.  One is that, if you are a woman, the number of quality single men declines. Among deniers of unpleasant realities — people known as progressives, leftists, and feminists — this truth is denied and labeled “sexist.” But, as Susan Patton, a Princeton graduate, wrote in an article titled “Advice for the young women of Princeton,” published in Princeton’s student newspaper: “Find a husband on campus before you graduate. … From a sheer numbers perspective, the odds will never be as good to be surrounded by all of these extraordinary men.”

The other bad thing that happens when people wait until they are “ready” to get married is that they often end up waiting longer and longer. After a certain point, being single becomes the norm and the thought of marrying becomes less, not more, appealing. So over time you can actually become less “ready” to get married.

And one more thing: If you’re 25 and not ready to commit to another person, in most cases — even if you are a kind person, and a responsible worker or serious student — “I’m not ready to get married” means “I’m not ready to stop being preoccupied with myself,” or to put it as directly as possible, “I’m not ready to grow up.” (No job on earth makes you grow up like getting married does.)

People didn’t marry in the past only because they fell in love. And people can fall in love and not marry — as happens frequently today. People married because it was a primary societal value. People understood that it was better for society and for the vast majority of its members that as many individuals as possible commit to someone and take care of that person. Among other things, when people stop taking care of one another, the state usually ends up doing so. Just compare the percentage of single people receiving welfare versus the percentage of married people.

Nor is the argument that the older people are when they marry, the less likely they are to divorce. This only applies in any significant way to those who marry as teenagers versus those who marry later. Moreover, the latest data are that those who marry in their early 30s are more likely to divorce than those who marry on their late 20s.

And then there is the economic argument. Many single men, for example, say they are not ready to get married because they don’t have the income they would like to have prior to getting married. As responsible as this may sound, however, this is not a particularly rational argument. Why is marrying while at a low income a bad idea? In fact, marriage may be the best way to increase one’s income. Men’s income rises after marriage. They have less time to waste, and someone to help support — two spurs to hard work and ambition, not to mention that most employers prefer men who are married. And can’t two people live on less money than each would need if they lived on their own, paying for two apartments?

In addition to economic benefits, the vast majority of human beings do better when they have someone to come home to, someone to care for, and someone to care for them. And, no matter how much feminists and other progressives deny it, children do best when raised by a married couple. There are, most certainly, superb single parents. But every superb single parent I have ever spoken to wishes they had had a spouse with whom to raise their children. Throughout history, and in every society, people married not when they were “ready” to marry, but when they reached marriageable age and were expected to assume adult responsibilities.

Finally, this statement reflects another negative trend in society — that of people being guided by feelings rather than by standards or obligations. We live in an Age of Feelings. Aside from the rational and moral problems that derive from being guided by feelings rather than by reason and values, there is one other problem. In life, behavior shapes feelings. Act happy, you’ll feel happy. Act single, you’ll feel single. Act married, you’ll feel married.  Do it, in other words. Then you’ll be “ready.

God calls marriage honorable [Hebrews 13:4]…tragically, America is walking away from the marriage covenant.

Rape Capital of the Western World

01 31 2016a
The Muslim wind is blowing strong across Europe; and European leaders are bewildered as to how to handle this nightmare. I’m talking about the nightmare of mass Islamic migration into European cites. The crisis is putting enormous stress on the healthcare system, creating more no-go zones within European cities, and setting off a crime wave that includes rape, theft and a rapid increase in the assault of women.

One example of the chaos is expressed in what is called ‘Rape Jihad’.

Rape jihad has moved from Tahrir Square in Cairo to Malmö in Sweden to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and now to Cologne, Germany. It works this way: A group of men encircles the targeted woman or girl, trapping her while walling off police and other would-be rescuers. The men then start to touch, grope and assault the women, ripping off clothes and stealing their purses and cell phones. Knowing they are a protected class, the Muslim men have little fear of the police —The abusers yell… “You can’t do anything to me,” and “Mrs. Merkel invited me here,” these are just some of the reported taunts. By the time police reach the victim, the assailants have moved on to the next woman. Hundreds of women are assaulted, leaving them terrified and humiliated.

The tide of rape in Europe is rising. Let’s look at the example of Sweden, that nation has taken in more refugees per capita than any other country in Europe. And what is the fruit of Sweden’s generous but naïve approach to refugees from the world of Islam? Reports out of Sweden are frightening. Cold statistics reveal a horrible truth, and remember Sweden is seen as Europe’s most liberal nation, and most generous nation when it comes to refugees. Muslims represent as many as 77 percent of rape cases in Swedish cities. In Stockholm this summer there was an average of 5 rapes a day. Thanks to migrants flooding into certain Swedish cities Sweden now claims the dubious distinction of having the second highest rape per capita incidents in the world — surpassed only by Lesotho in southern Africa.

The wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic code. As Muslim men immigrated to Sweden, they brought with them an Islamic culture sanctioning rape. Statistics now suggest that at least 1 out of every 5 Swedish women will be raped. The National Council for Crime Prevention report bears this out. It noted that Muslim immigrants from North Africa were 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men. It should not surprise us why today Sweden is deemed the rape capital of the Western world.

Germany may be following in Sweden’s path. The tensions simmering beneath Germany’s willingness to take in over one million migrants over the past 12 months erupted into the open in January after reports that hundreds of young women in Cologne, Germany had been groped and robbed on New Year’s Eve by gangs of men described by the authorities as having Middle Eastern appearances. This is what happened…

Taking advantage of a street party in Cologne, hundreds of young Muslim men broke into groups and formed rings around young women, refusing to let them escape—the men, some newly arrived refugees, groped dozens of women while others stole wallets or cellphones. For the women it was a nightmare. More than 650 were assaulted or robbed that night in Cologne. Details followed in police reports, describing women as having been “grabbed” by “breasts and bottoms”. The nation of Germany is in shock; the German citizens of Cologne are enraged! Police from Cologne report that 40% of migrants from North Africa (Muslims); have run-ins with the law. Twelve of 16 German states now report New Year’s assaults similar to what happened in Cologne. Similar bullying of women also took place in Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin.

A new poll found that 40 percent of Germans are so disgusted with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy on refugees that they want her to resign. German leader Merkel has earned a huge amount of ill will for letting 1.1 million refugees from Africa and the Middle East pour across Germany’s border. She recently admitted that the refugee crisis has gotten out of hand and Europe has lost control of the situation. In Sweden, a scandal erupted after it emerged that police had suppressed a report of mass groping by Middle East migrants at a festival last summer.

The unprecedented surge over the past 10 months has been astounding. A massive wave of migration has been sweeping into Europe –Some Europeans are calling it the Muslim invasion. The refugees are coming from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan arriving in Europe usually via Turkey and Greece and then continuing their journey through the Balkans to Austria, Germany and the Nordic countries. Is this a ticking time bomb about to explode? Apparently that explosion is already in progress.

01 31 2016b

Why is the refugee crisis important to watch, how could it fit into end time events and prophecy?  The overarching impact of the European refugee crisis is that it DESTABALIZES EUROPE; it creates fear, anger and political mayhem.  The crisis has fueled the rise of right wing political parties all across Europe.  More and more Europeans are looking for a strong leader who will say NO to the surging wave of migrants coming from the middle East and Africa. We will see major political change in Europe over the next 2-3 years.

In the real world, not the fantasy world of socialist European multiculturalism, a lesson from the Bible bears reviewing.  When Israel was a nation, they were to drive out certain people from the land.  There are those who live in the land who are dangerous, they need to be dealt with swiftly, and not allowed into the land [nation] in the first place.  A lesson that Europe has failed to appreciate: But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then it shall come about that those whom you let remain of them will become as pricks in your eyes and as thorns in your sides, and they will trouble you in the land in which you live”—Numbers 33:55.

I’m afraid naïve Europe will suffer even greater turmoil in the years ahead as a result of embracing the toxic fantasy of multiculturalism—the Muslim push into Europe will lead to chaos.
Steven LeBlanc

Syria...The World's Nightmare

Why is Syria important? Its strife is impacting all of the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Russia and the United States. Syria was once a nation of close to 22 million people. It has now imploded, being engulfed in a vicious proxy civil war.

Syria is a complicated nation, always has been. The 22-million population comprises various ethnic and religious groups, including Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Christians, Druze, Alawite Shias and Arab Sunnis. About 75 percent are Sunni Muslims but the minority Alawites, the sect of President Assad, rules the country, they are a version of Shia Islam.

I remind you–This insane Syrian civil war has killed nearly 300,000 people, displaced half of the country’s population—11 million, and facilitated the rise of ISIS. Millions have fled Syria flooding into neighboring nations as seen in the map below:
01 08 2016a
What is going on in Syria is partly a civil war of government against people; partly a religious war setting Assad’s minority Alawite sect, aligned with Shiite fighters from Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, against Sunni rebel groups; and also a proxy fight featuring Russia and Iran against Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

An end to the Syrian conflict is nowhere in sight, and more countries are being drawn into the mayhem. Notice a recent development out of Saudi Arabia–Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the creation of an Islamic military coalition… The coalition would consist of 34 countries, mostly Arab countries. They have pledged to fight against the Islamic State which, remember, has its headquarters in Raqqa Syria, a city of 220,000. Here is an abbreviated list of nations, mostly Islamic, who will now be involved in Syria —at least to a degree.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, the coalition will include Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Turkey, Chad, Togo, Tunisia, Djibouti, Senegal, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Gabon, Guinea, the Palestinians, Comoros, Qatar, Cote d’Ivoire, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Yemen.

Below is a graph that gives you a bigger picture of the Syrian Proxy battleground:
01 08 2016b

So Why is Syria so very important, in terms of world events & Prophecy?

1)    It is the Headquarters for ISIS, the city of Raqqa is in northern Syria, population 220,000 and is controlled by ISIS.
2)    Syria is the fountainhead for the refugee crisis…tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands will leave Syria for Europe; it has already sparked a massive migration of Muslims from other areas of the Middle East and Africa, and Afghanistan.  Nearly 2 million Muslims will try to enter Europe in 2016—The implosion of Syria has destabilized all of the Middle East.
3)    Syria is the hub of the Proxy war featuring Russia, Iran and Hezbollah against the United States and its allies including Saudi Arabia, Jordan—the Gulf States.
4)    Syria is an enemy of Israel, and a friend of Iran and Russia.
5)    Syria provides Russia with a base for its port of Tartous, which serves as Russia’s sole Mediterranean base for its Black Sea fleet.
6)    Syria will be destroyed as outlined in prophecies in Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49, and Amos 1.
7)    Syria has become an enemy of Turkey—many of the Edomites of prophecy reside in Turkey–Turkey was one of the earliest countries to invest heavily in the overthrow of the Assad regime.  Turkey wages war on the Syrian Kurds, Islamic State’s most successful opponents. Early on, Turkey wanted to support a Sunni majority government in Syria, run by the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood.

A prophecy in Jeremiah 49:23-33 is directed “against Damascus,” the capital of Syria representing the nation as a whole. Syria, north of the land of Israel, was often a hostile neighbor to ancient Israel and Judah, and today remains a hostile neighbor to the modern Jewish state of Israel.

Damascus, formerly “the city of praise” (verse 25), will be destroyed “in that day” (verse 26)—referring to the Day of the Lord. This is even more clearly seen in verse 27. Read Amos 1:3, we are told that Damascus will be punished for its many sins.  Damascus will eventually be totally destroyed just before Christ returns (Isaiah 17:1).  Does that mean Syria will be totally destroyed in the next year—NO!  But that destruction will come when God determines it.  The timing of that destruction is God’s prerogative.

Keep watching Syria!

Steven LeBlanc

Muslim Invasion of Europe

12 17 2015

Many in Europe are calling it “the Muslim Invasion of Europe”. If you include Russia as part of Europe—you have over 50 Million Muslims living in Europe today

The vast majority of migrants streaming onto the continent come from: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria and of course– Syria. The increase in the Muslim populations in European cities is so high it is having the collateral impact of driving Jews out of Europe—Jews are leaving Europe choosing to live in Israel, the USA or Canada. Many Jews believe they are no longer safe residing in European cities, mostly due to increasing Moslem activity against Jews.

The Muslim immigration tide is creating deep fissures between European leaders. Western European political officials talk in terms of “solidarity,” “humanitarian duty,” and “compassion.” But the enthusiasm of Europe for embracing thousands of refugees has faded fast. The people of Central Europe were not enthusiastic about refugees crowding their train stations and highways from the beginning. Poland, Hungary and Austria are saying no to refugees settling in their towns and cities. In Southern Europe–Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Serbia—are being overwhelmed with refugees—citizens are saying “no more”.

Intellectual elites, which includes many of the leaders of Europe, believe multiculturalism could work—but it hasn’t worked. Islam has not melted into a smooth blended society of Europeans, Muslims and Jews. Many Muslims are not assimilated because they do not want to assimilate. Vast numbers of Muslims live in so-called no go zones—you see such zones in European cities such as Marseille, Paris, Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, Berlin and Athens. These zones are considered mini-countries within a country, where they have their own rules and codes of justice based upon Islamic law.

No leader of Europe has been as outspoken as Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. He spoke of an “invasion” and asked if there were another word to describe the massive and often angry entry into a country of people who have not been invited to settle there. The leader of Hungary stressed that those who enter Europe are from a “different culture,” and asserted that Islam is not compatible with European Judeo-Christian values.

Europeans elites thought and taught that poverty had led to the rise of Nazism, so they built welfare states that were suppose to eliminate poverty completely. But European social driven states have created a government-dependent class in Europe where many people live permanently on social handouts. These people are often Muslim.

Muslim crime rates across Europe are high. In France, which has the largest Muslim population with the exception of Russia, the prison population is 70% Muslim. European prisons have become recruitment centers for future jihadis. Now lets take a look at the Muslim dilemma faced by the various countries of Europe.

First…let’s take a look at Russia—Today, an estimated 20 million Muslims (including 6.5 million migrants from Azerbaijan and Central Asia) live in Russia.

What you may not have known is that Russia hosts millions of guest workers, most of them from Muslim Central Asia. An estimated 3 to 5 million Uzbeks, 1 million Tajiks and 1 million Kyrgyz reside in Russia today—There are an estimated 2 million Muslims in Moscow alone, making Russia’s capital the largest Muslim city in Europe (total population of Moscow is 12 million). It is difficult to get an exact reading because Russia has so many guest workers that come and go—Most guest workers are Muslims. These Muslim guest workers live in the shadows, often without work permits. They are often subject to abuse, extortion and occasional violence.

Germany now has 6 million Muslims—most of them are of Turkish descent. But concerning new arrivals to Germany–a large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones. — Thomas De Maizière, German Interior Minister.

The Gatestone institute reports that, “Muslim men residing in Germany routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany, and then marrying them in the presence of an imam. Once in Germany the women request social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a ‘single parent with children’.”

More than 750 German Muslims have joined the Islamic State and traveled to Syria and Iraq, and some of them have continued to receive welfare checks from the German state while on the battlefields of the Middle East. Many Germans are getting impatient with Angela Merkel soft stance toward allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees to come to Germany. The Chancellor is sliding in the polls.

More to come in my next installment on this extremely serious crisis facing Europe.
Steven LeBlanc

Watching Russia

Steven LeBlanc

12 04 2015a

England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously said, “Russia is a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma.”   Russia does not have a western European personality—the Russian people are different—they have strengths and they have their weak points.

And now some fast facts about Russia:

●Russia is enormous; Russia is the largest country on earth in terms of surface area.  To give you a sense of its size, Russia spans 11 time zones –its land mass stretching halfway around the world.
●Russia has about one hundred ethnic groups.
●The official language is Russian but there is 27 other languages co-official in various regions throughout the country.
●Russia has 21 million Muslims—the total population of Russia is 143 million.
Moscow has the largest Muslim population of any European city, with estimates suggesting that between 1.5 and 2 million Muslims live in the Russian capital, (12 million citizens total in Moscow).
America has the largest economy in the world, followed by China–Japan is the third-largest economy in the world. Germany is the fourth.  Russian has the 9th largest economy in the world.
●Russia remains the world’s biggest natural gas shipper.
●12 nations within the European Union rely on Russia for more than half their supply of natural gas.  Millions of European homes are heated with natural gas coming from Russia.
●When it comes to oil, 35 percent of the European Union’s supplies are of Russian origin.

12 04 2015b

 Russia’s pipelines to Europe and Turkey

●Germany’s dependence on Moscow is even higher: the country sources 36 percent of its natural gas imports and 39 percent of its oil imports from Russian energy suppliers.
Half of Russian natural gas exports reach Europe via Ukraine. This is why Ukraine is so important to Europe and to Russia.
●If Russia were to halt imports through the pipelines of Ukraine, the EU could survive for three months on reserves within its borders.
●Russia is Turkey’s biggest foreign source of natural gas, supplying over 50 percent (about 26 billion cubic meters) of Turkish natural gas consumption needs in 2015.
●Russia has the world’s second largest natural gas reserves.
●Russia has 87 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, enough to last it another 75 years.
●Russia rents a naval base from Syria in the port city of Tartus, Syria [this gives Russia a strategic foothold in the Mediterranean Sea]—this is very important to Russia.
●The recent deployment of S-400 anti-air missiles means Russia has effectively imposed a no-fly zone over Syria.
●Over 20 million Russians died in World War 2—14 percent of the population at that time.
●There are over 500,000 alcohol-related deaths in Russia each year.  Russians have a reputation for being heavy drinkers.
●This is sad but true–25% Russians die before reaching the age of 55, compared to just 1% in the U.S., and Vodka is to blame.
●Japan and Russia still haven’t signed a peace treaty to end World War II due to the Kuril Islands dispute.

Russia’s Paranoia

It often said that Russia is a paranoid—fearful of foreign invasion, there are reasons for this that include invasion by outsiders seeking to take control of Russia:

●Russia was first invaded by Batu Khans Mongols in [1237-1240]
●The Swedes and Teutonic Knights jointly invaded Russia in [1240-1242] Russians led by Alexander Nevesky defeated both invaders.
●The Poles invaded Russia in [1605-1606] Polish occupation of Moscow until a Russian uprising in 1618 drove out the Poles.
●Swedes led by King Charles invaded Russia in [1708-1709] Russians led by Peter the Great defeated the Swedes.
●Napoleons French Grand Armee invaded Russia in [1812] Napoleon forced to retreat because of winter.
●The Turks and Germans jointly invaded Russia during WW1 [1914-1918] Russia under Lenin signed peace treaty with Germans. Germans left Russia after WW1.
●Hitler’s Wehrmacht invaded the USSR in (1941-1945) and were driven out by the Red Army in 1944 led by Commanders Zhurkov, Konev and Chuikov.
See—How many times Russia was invaded.

In our next blog we will continue our discussion of Russia and its role in end-time events.

Daniel 11:44 tells us that, “news from the east” will greatly trouble the king of the North (European dictator). Prophecy indicates that, Russia, China and other nations from the East will turn to confront Europe militarily, meeting at Armageddon (Revelation 16:12-16). These millions of troops will be united in their hatred of the returning Jesus Christ. They will surge against Him and be destroyed at Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:1-4; Revelation 19:17-21).


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