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Muslim Invasion of Europe

12 17 2015

Many in Europe are calling it “the Muslim Invasion of Europe”. If you include Russia as part of Europe—you have over 50 Million Muslims living in Europe today

The vast majority of migrants streaming onto the continent come from: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria and of course– Syria. The increase in the Muslim populations in European cities is so high it is having the collateral impact of driving Jews out of Europe—Jews are leaving Europe choosing to live in Israel, the USA or Canada. Many Jews believe they are no longer safe residing in European cities, mostly due to increasing Moslem activity against Jews.

The Muslim immigration tide is creating deep fissures between European leaders. Western European political officials talk in terms of “solidarity,” “humanitarian duty,” and “compassion.” But the enthusiasm of Europe for embracing thousands of refugees has faded fast. The people of Central Europe were not enthusiastic about refugees crowding their train stations and highways from the beginning. Poland, Hungary and Austria are saying no to refugees settling in their towns and cities. In Southern Europe–Greece, Bulgaria, Italy and Serbia—are being overwhelmed with refugees—citizens are saying “no more”.

Intellectual elites, which includes many of the leaders of Europe, believe multiculturalism could work—but it hasn’t worked. Islam has not melted into a smooth blended society of Europeans, Muslims and Jews. Many Muslims are not assimilated because they do not want to assimilate. Vast numbers of Muslims live in so-called no go zones—you see such zones in European cities such as Marseille, Paris, Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Malmö, Stockholm, Berlin and Athens. These zones are considered mini-countries within a country, where they have their own rules and codes of justice based upon Islamic law.

No leader of Europe has been as outspoken as Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. He spoke of an “invasion” and asked if there were another word to describe the massive and often angry entry into a country of people who have not been invited to settle there. The leader of Hungary stressed that those who enter Europe are from a “different culture,” and asserted that Islam is not compatible with European Judeo-Christian values.

Europeans elites thought and taught that poverty had led to the rise of Nazism, so they built welfare states that were suppose to eliminate poverty completely. But European social driven states have created a government-dependent class in Europe where many people live permanently on social handouts. These people are often Muslim.

Muslim crime rates across Europe are high. In France, which has the largest Muslim population with the exception of Russia, the prison population is 70% Muslim. European prisons have become recruitment centers for future jihadis. Now lets take a look at the Muslim dilemma faced by the various countries of Europe.

First…let’s take a look at Russia—Today, an estimated 20 million Muslims (including 6.5 million migrants from Azerbaijan and Central Asia) live in Russia.

What you may not have known is that Russia hosts millions of guest workers, most of them from Muslim Central Asia. An estimated 3 to 5 million Uzbeks, 1 million Tajiks and 1 million Kyrgyz reside in Russia today—There are an estimated 2 million Muslims in Moscow alone, making Russia’s capital the largest Muslim city in Europe (total population of Moscow is 12 million). It is difficult to get an exact reading because Russia has so many guest workers that come and go—Most guest workers are Muslims. These Muslim guest workers live in the shadows, often without work permits. They are often subject to abuse, extortion and occasional violence.

Germany now has 6 million Muslims—most of them are of Turkish descent. But concerning new arrivals to Germany–a large number (40%) are from countries in the Balkans, including Albania and Kosovo. This implies that nearly half of those arriving in Germany are economic migrants, not refugees fleeing war zones. — Thomas De Maizière, German Interior Minister.

The Gatestone institute reports that, “Muslim men residing in Germany routinely take advantage of the social welfare system by bringing two, three or four women from across the Muslim world to Germany, and then marrying them in the presence of an imam. Once in Germany the women request social welfare benefits, including the cost of a separate home for themselves and for their children, on the claim of being a ‘single parent with children’.”

More than 750 German Muslims have joined the Islamic State and traveled to Syria and Iraq, and some of them have continued to receive welfare checks from the German state while on the battlefields of the Middle East. Many Germans are getting impatient with Angela Merkel soft stance toward allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees to come to Germany. The Chancellor is sliding in the polls.

More to come in my next installment on this extremely serious crisis facing Europe.
Steven LeBlanc

Watching Russia

Steven LeBlanc

12 04 2015a

England’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously said, “Russia is a riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma.”   Russia does not have a western European personality—the Russian people are different—they have strengths and they have their weak points.

And now some fast facts about Russia:

●Russia is enormous; Russia is the largest country on earth in terms of surface area.  To give you a sense of its size, Russia spans 11 time zones –its land mass stretching halfway around the world.
●Russia has about one hundred ethnic groups.
●The official language is Russian but there is 27 other languages co-official in various regions throughout the country.
●Russia has 21 million Muslims—the total population of Russia is 143 million.
Moscow has the largest Muslim population of any European city, with estimates suggesting that between 1.5 and 2 million Muslims live in the Russian capital, (12 million citizens total in Moscow).
America has the largest economy in the world, followed by China–Japan is the third-largest economy in the world. Germany is the fourth.  Russian has the 9th largest economy in the world.
●Russia remains the world’s biggest natural gas shipper.
●12 nations within the European Union rely on Russia for more than half their supply of natural gas.  Millions of European homes are heated with natural gas coming from Russia.
●When it comes to oil, 35 percent of the European Union’s supplies are of Russian origin.

12 04 2015b

 Russia’s pipelines to Europe and Turkey

●Germany’s dependence on Moscow is even higher: the country sources 36 percent of its natural gas imports and 39 percent of its oil imports from Russian energy suppliers.
Half of Russian natural gas exports reach Europe via Ukraine. This is why Ukraine is so important to Europe and to Russia.
●If Russia were to halt imports through the pipelines of Ukraine, the EU could survive for three months on reserves within its borders.
●Russia is Turkey’s biggest foreign source of natural gas, supplying over 50 percent (about 26 billion cubic meters) of Turkish natural gas consumption needs in 2015.
●Russia has the world’s second largest natural gas reserves.
●Russia has 87 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, enough to last it another 75 years.
●Russia rents a naval base from Syria in the port city of Tartus, Syria [this gives Russia a strategic foothold in the Mediterranean Sea]—this is very important to Russia.
●The recent deployment of S-400 anti-air missiles means Russia has effectively imposed a no-fly zone over Syria.
●Over 20 million Russians died in World War 2—14 percent of the population at that time.
●There are over 500,000 alcohol-related deaths in Russia each year.  Russians have a reputation for being heavy drinkers.
●This is sad but true–25% Russians die before reaching the age of 55, compared to just 1% in the U.S., and Vodka is to blame.
●Japan and Russia still haven’t signed a peace treaty to end World War II due to the Kuril Islands dispute.

Russia’s Paranoia

It often said that Russia is a paranoid—fearful of foreign invasion, there are reasons for this that include invasion by outsiders seeking to take control of Russia:

●Russia was first invaded by Batu Khans Mongols in [1237-1240]
●The Swedes and Teutonic Knights jointly invaded Russia in [1240-1242] Russians led by Alexander Nevesky defeated both invaders.
●The Poles invaded Russia in [1605-1606] Polish occupation of Moscow until a Russian uprising in 1618 drove out the Poles.
●Swedes led by King Charles invaded Russia in [1708-1709] Russians led by Peter the Great defeated the Swedes.
●Napoleons French Grand Armee invaded Russia in [1812] Napoleon forced to retreat because of winter.
●The Turks and Germans jointly invaded Russia during WW1 [1914-1918] Russia under Lenin signed peace treaty with Germans. Germans left Russia after WW1.
●Hitler’s Wehrmacht invaded the USSR in (1941-1945) and were driven out by the Red Army in 1944 led by Commanders Zhurkov, Konev and Chuikov.
See—How many times Russia was invaded.

In our next blog we will continue our discussion of Russia and its role in end-time events.

Daniel 11:44 tells us that, “news from the east” will greatly trouble the king of the North (European dictator). Prophecy indicates that, Russia, China and other nations from the East will turn to confront Europe militarily, meeting at Armageddon (Revelation 16:12-16). These millions of troops will be united in their hatred of the returning Jesus Christ. They will surge against Him and be destroyed at Jerusalem (Zechariah 14:1-4; Revelation 19:17-21).


The largest refugee crisis in history

Steven LeBlanc
11 09 2015
The refugee crisis is not slowing, and is certain to increase over the next few years. Millions of refugees are moving toward Europe in hopes of a better life. This is creating enormous stress in European capitals.

The number of people forcibly displaced from their homes has never been so dire, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency, UNHCR, the outcome is that a nation of displaced people is roughly equal to the population of the United Kingdom (63 million people).

There are more refugees in the world today than ever previously recorded — and more than half are children. Put another way, one in every 122 people worldwide is a refugee.

Most of these refugees are concentrated in the Middle East and in particular in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS’s advance and the Syrian civil war have driven many people from their homes. A third of the world’s refugees come from those two nations alone. More than 10 million Syrians, or 46 percent of the Syrian population, had been displaced.

European Union leaders are still squabbling with one another over how to split up the one million asylum seekers across their 28 member states. Citizens across Europe are angry that their governments are opening their doors to thousands of Muslims. Even Angela Merkel of Germany has had to change her generous position on the issue. As leader of Germany, Merkel has performed an abrupt U-turn on her open-door policy towards people fleeing Syria’s civil war, with Berlin announcing that the hundreds of thousands of Syrians entering Germany would not be granted asylum or refugee status. Syrians would still be allowed to enter Germany, but only for one year and with “subsidiary protection” which limits their rights as refugees. Family members would not be allowed to join them.

Because so many Europeans fear this refugee “invasion”, what we are seeing in many European countries is the ascension of right wing parties in Europe that cater to that fear.

Islam is pushing into Europe. This will eventually lead to further tensions between the Arab world and Europe. We will see conflict in the future—Europe and the Arab world are bound to cross swords again. An end time prophecy found in Daniel 11(verse 40-42), describes a King of the South who will provoke a King of the North. The prophet Daniel described the rise this southern Islamic power that will push (fight) against this European (northern) power. Notice: “At the time of the end the king of the South shall attack him; and the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter the countries, overwhelm them, and pass through. He [the king of the North] shall also enter the Glorious Land [or the Holy Land], and many countries shall be overthrown; but these shall escape from his hand: Edom, Moab, and the prominent people of Ammon. The provocation of this King of the South motivates the soon coming European dictator to move troops into the Middle East—war will ensue.

Paving the way for an end-time "Hitler"

Steven LeBlanc

10 14 2015

Many people call him the future Antichrist. The Bible calls him the “Beast”—a megalomaniac dictator who will kill tens of millions. Prophecy reveals this end-time “Hitler” will control Europe, and dominate the world economy for a few short years. Notice in Revelation 13 the subject of the Beast transitions from speaking of the revived Roman Empire [European power] as a “beast”, to speaking of the political and military dictator of that empire as being the “beast” (verses 4-8). This dictator is also referred to in Revelation 17:12-13. But before continuing our discussion of this end-time leader, let’s take a quick look at what is happening in Europe….major political change is coming to the Continent.

The battle for political control of Europe continues to escalate. With the European Union economy stagnant and threatening to dip back into recession, cracks in the Union are becoming more visible. Never forget, when a nation’s economy sinks, political unrest always follows. Many in Europe are blaming their leaders for high rates of unemployment, and the unrelenting flow of refuges into their cities. Disagreements within Europe abound. Fear, anger and stress could pave the way for acceptance of a strong European leader who promises to “sort out the problems” of Europe. Such a leader would give millions a sense of financial stability—something most Europeans do not have at the moment. Remember, Europe is on the brink of spiraling into another recession, this could lead to elections that cast the current leadership in Europe from power, replacing them with anti-immigration politicians.

The promise of economic prosperity has been the glue holding the EU [European Union] together. With the European Union economy stagnant and threatening to dip back into recession, cracks in the Union are becoming more visible. The British want a European Union that is built around free trade and independent national sovereignty. Germany wants to preserve the EU currency as doing so favors German exports. As well, Germany is determined to exercise control over the weak profligate nations of southern Europe [nations such as Greece, Portugal and Italy]. Countries in Mediterranean Europe [Spain, Italy, Greece, and Croatia] support the process of European integration but only as long as it means subsidies, and financial assistance—but these nations do not want Germany telling them what to do. The conundrum is that so many European nations are heavily dependent upon German money to help them manage their enormous debt burdens, so they have to yield to German fiscal rules. As for France, Paris’ inability to take a leading role in the current battle for the future of the European Union speaks volumes; France is deeply fractured culturally and politically, the immigration issue and high unemployment is almost certain to lead to a new party taking the reigns of leadership when France holds elections in April of 2017.

Immigration Nightmare
As for the refugee crisis in Europe—it is far from reaching its peak. It is expected that over the next 18 months over 2 million Muslims will pour into European cities. The inflow of refugees is overwhelming many of the European Union nations and has woken up the typically politically passive European. Large segments of white Europeans are feeling angry and ignored by the mainstream political parties, and right-wing parties are emerging with a different language, a language that speaks to the people’s anger.

It is important to take notice that in last year’s elections to the European Parliament [the EU’s legislative body], far-right parties gained enough seats to command access to EU funding. These far right parties are rising in popularity—they are anti-immigrant. They include: France’s Marine Le Pen’s National Front party, then there is the Dutch Party of Freedom, Italy’s Lega Nord, and the Austrian Freedom Party. The neo-fascist Jobbik party, which advocates ethnic purity for Hungary, took 20 percent of the vote last year to become the third-biggest party in the Hungarian Parliament.

Germany’s anti-Islam party PEGIDA (“Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”) stepped up its attacks on Chancellor Angela Merkel labeling her as “the most dangerous woman in Europe” and demanding she resign. PEGIDA leader Tatjana Festerling told a rally of thousands of supporters in the eastern city of Dresden that Merkel’s policy of welcoming refugees had turned Germany into a “gigantic camp in the jungle”.

Just remember, a refugee crisis falling on the heels of an economic crisis has made large segments of the European population angry and desirous of change. When great political change comes to Europe we cannot predict, but it will come!

In the not too distant future, we will see a “strong man” come to power in Europe, and passive, democratic Europe will give way to a dictatorship. At first this man will appear reasonable and appealing, but soon after garnering support from other European leaders he will pursue an expansionist agenda. His dictatorship will encompass much of Europe; in a blitzkrieg like strike he will move troops into the Middle East fighting against and subduing a Middle East leader labeled as the King of the South (Daniel 11:40-43).

Satan uses tyrants, dictators, and evil men to massacre millions. Below is a brief list of tyrants who have killed massive numbers of men, women and children [taken from the Daily Mail website]. A future European dictator will be responsible for the deaths of multiple millions as well—but for now notice the death toll at the hands of history’s tyrants:

China (1949-76) Regime Communist Victims 60 million
China’s so-called ‘Great Helmsman’ was in fact the greatest mass murderer in history. Most of his victims were his fellow Chinese, murdered as ‘landlords’ after the communist takeover, starved in his misnamed ‘Great Leap Forward’ of 1958-61, or killed and tortured in labor camps in the Cultural Revolution of the Sixties. Mao’s rule, with its economic mismanagement and continual political upheavals, also spelled poverty for most of China’s untold millions. The country embraced capitalism long after his death.

Soviet Union (1929-53) Regime Communist Victims 40 million
Lenin’s paranoid successor was the runner-up to Mao in the mass-murder stakes. Stalin imposed a deliberate famine on Ukraine, killed millions of the wealthier peasants – or ‘kulaks’ – as he forced them off their land, and purged his own party, shooting thousands and sending millions more to work as slaves and perish in the Gulag.

Germany (1933-45) Regime Nazi dictatorship Victims 30 million
The horror of Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship lies in the uniqueness of his most notorious crime, the Holocaust, which stands alone in the annals of inhuman cruelty. It was carried out under the cover of World War II, a conflict Hitler pursued with the goal of obtaining ‘Lebensraum’. The war ended up costing millions of lives, leaving Europe devastated and his Third Reich in ruins.

Read more:

Historian Michael Rank says Genghis Khan, and his descendants, triggered 40 million deaths during the period of the Mongol invasions, which took place in the 13th century, making him one of the deadliest dictators in history. However, with only one-seventh of the world population in the 13th century as there is now, that figure would equal 350 million today, which is more than half the population of Europe. Furthermore, the Lushan Rebellion in eight-century China killed 36 million. This figure equals approximately over 500 million today. Rank, see History’s Worst Dictators: A Short Guide to the Most Brutal Rulers, From Emperor Nero to Ivan the Terrible (Kindle Locations 805-809).

These are just some examples of brutal dictatorships. And now notice some details the Bible reveals to us concerning this future despot based upon previous figures of history—he especially mirrors Antiochus Epiphanies of ancient Syria who persecuted the Jews. Antiochus is described in Daniel 11:21-32, and serves as a prototype of this final dictator. God often uses historical events and leaders of the past to give us an understanding of end-time events. Many prophecies in the Bible are dual. In certain cases a prophet speaks under inspiration of God and a first fulfillment of the prophecy comes to pass. Then, later, at the end of the age before the return of Christ, comes a final, ultimate fulfillment. This would apply to Antiochus Epiphanes foreshadowing the rise of the end-time European tyrant. Note these prophecies, some of which are dual:

• He will rise up unexpectedly (Daniel 8:23-24; 11:21-24).
• He will understand mysterious/sinister things (Daniel 8:23).
• He will pull the world into world war (Daniel 8:24).
• He will be deceitful and break a treaty (Daniel 11:23-24)—this is what Antiochus Epiphanes did.
• He will make changes, impacting God’s appointed days of worship (Daniel 7:25; 11:37-38).
• He will persecute God’s church (Daniel 7:25).
He will be considered to be a man bringing peace (Daniel 8:25; 11:21-24).
• He will come to an agreement with the Catholic Church. (Revelation 13:3-4; 17:1-11).
• He will establish himself in Jerusalem near the beginning of his reign (Daniel 11:31; Luke 21:24; Daniel 11:41).
• He will be the leader of Europe, leader of the resurrected Holy Roman Empire (Revelation 13:3,12).
• He will help spread a counterfeit Christianity around the world (Revelation 13:3-17).
• He will attack the English peoples, including the USA (Daniel 11:39; Ezekiel 5:1-4).
• He will be against to those that keep the Sabbath (Daniel 7:25; Revelation 12:17; Revelation 13:16-17).
• The world will prosper under his system for a short time (Daniel 11:39; Revelation 18:9-19).
• He will attack Muslims [King of the South], and move troops into Israel– (Daniel 11:40-43).
• Christ will kill him near Jerusalem (Revelation 19:19-20).

Who is this European leader—at this time we do not know; but we are watching European politics closely. We must not rush to a conclusion when watching Europe and its politicians…but neither should we be asleep to what is happening on the Continent. I continue to read the European papers and have recently returned from a European trip. More on this subject in a future newsletter.

"Europe is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II - and there's no end in sight"...Reuters news

Steven LeBlanc

Fear and tempers are on the rise in Europe. The migration crisis is severe. The Headline for this blog was taken from the Reuters news agency (duplicated here to give you an idea just how serious this crisis is, read the headline again!).

Deep divisions over how to cope with a flood of migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Asia pose a threat to the European Union’s survival as a union. The news media puts out disturbing images of drowning children, refugees being herded on and off trains, and barbed-wire fences being erected across Europe, much of Europe is in shock. Almost all the refugees hope to reach the more affluent countries of northern and western Europe such as Germany, France and Sweden.

Massive inflows of refugees is fuelling political populism and anti-Muslim sentiment, the latest crisis is undermining the ideals of European integration. Disagreement between European Union nations is on the rise—remember 28 nations make up the EU (population 510 million), and every nation differs with others as to how the crisis should be handled. What nations should take the most refugees, and who is to pay for the care and feeding of these masses that will number over one million in the year ahead—these questions are being hotly debated.

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann made it clear, if the eastern states did not share the burden of absorbing refugees, the EU should reconsider its future financial aid for their development. Eastern Europe, which includes Poland, Romania and Hungary do not want the refugees. Germany is witnessing the rise of the Pegida protest group, which rejects Muslim immigrants, and arson attacks against refugee hostels is on the rise in Germany. Marie Le Pen, leader of the anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic National Front Party in France is rising in the polls, she said this weekend in Marseille, “We’re told to accept 160,000 illegal immigrants this year, but next year it will be 700,000 and the following it will be 1.2m,”

In much of Europe record high numbers of jobless people and fear of terrorism have fuelled anti-immigration sentiment. 60 percent of the French oppose a large influx of immigrants. There are 6 million Muslims in France already, the French people don’t want any more—it is that simple.

Hungary, which is part of Europe’s Schengen passport-free travel zone, is building a high fence along its border with Serbia to blunt what it says is a threat to European security, and identity. In 2014 in Italy alone, 170,000 people arrived by boat to the country, putting a huge strain on Italy’s economy.

The depth, magnitude and length of the economic downturn in Europe led to an earthquake of anger across Europe, and now add to this the refugee crisis– it is no surprise that you are seeing a rise of nationalist sentiment and the emergence of populist parties on both the left and the right who are preaching that their nation will not be dictated to by the European Union.

Fear, anger, and confusion—these emotions will lead to political change in Europe. That is why we are watching closely the refugee crisis in Europe.

09 07 2015

In the not too distant future we are told (Revelation 17), that Ten kings will come together in a union of states in Europe. These leaders will then choose one single dictator, the prophesied “beast,” who will set up a system that will be extremely brutal (verses 12 and 13). European extremism will return. Jesus Christ himself will decapitate this end-time empire, and then Christ will establish the Kingdom of God on earth that will rule the nations with justice.

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