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Why Israel Did Not Attack Iran

Steven LeBlanc

Caroline Glick writes for the Jerusalem Post. You can read her astute observations on her blog site: In a recent article entitled: Israel’s Blind Watchman she reveals that Prime Minister Netanyahu, more than once, came close to launching an attack on Iran. What stopped him? Read excerpts from the article below:

“AS EVELYN GORDON noted this week in Commentary, Israel’s defense establishment has been similarly wrong about Iran. Much, if not all of the blame for the fact that Israel has failed to attack Iran’s nuclear installations falls on the defense establishment. In an arguably treasonous act, in May 2011, outgoing Mossad director Meir Dagan publicly attacked Netanyahu for considering attacking Iran’s nuclear installations. He was joined by outgoing Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin and outgoing IDF chief of staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi.

The three defense chiefs, along with President Shimon Peres, reportedly prevented Netanyahu and Barak from ordering a strike against Iran in 2010 [Emphasis mine].

In repeated public statements, Dagan has insistently claimed that Israel can trust the US to take care of Iran for us. Yet as Obama’s latest decisions on Syria and Iran make clear, the Obama administration is not committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, or to stemming the flow and use of weapons of mass destruction by Iran and its allies. The administration’s repeated claims that “all options are on the table” have no credibility.

In truth, it was easy to discern Obama’s abject lack of concern about Iran becoming a nuclear power from the outset. Even before taking office he made every effort to show the Iranians that all he wanted was to negotiate with them. They had no reason for concern from an Obama administration.

On the other hand, as former national security adviser Giora Eiland revealed in August, Obama pressured Netanyahu to call off a planned strike against Iran’s nuclear installations in the fall of 2012 [Emphasis mine].

And yet, senior Israeli defense officials have served as Obama’s chief lobbyists.

Glick continues by writing that Israel’s Military has been too trusting of America and naïve to the threats against Israel:

Israel’s military leadership failure to notice, let alone grasp the strategic implications of, regional and international developments is not new. It has been going on for at least 40 years.

Ever since our defense establishment fell asleep at the watch in the period leading up to the Yom Kippur War, many causes have been identified to explain its ongoing myopia.

Intellectual reliance on the leftist-dominated media; blind trust rather than critical analysis of statements by foreign sources and colleagues; lawyerization of military operations; over-dependence on technology; politicization of the senior ranks; and discrimination against religious officers have all been pointed to as factors that have contributed to Israel’s senior defense officials’ failure to foresee any major development and insistent blindness to their significance.

Certainly all have played a role in bringing about this dismal state of affairs.

But whatever the cause of our military and intelligence leadership’s insistence on getting everything wrong, the fact is that they are Israel’s Achilles’ heel. Until steps are taken to rectify this situation, Israel’s technological prowess and tactical brilliance will remain of limited value for securing the country and our interests.”

I continue to remind myself that God is working out His plan in the Middle East. Ultimately nations and leaders will have to bow to His agenda. We are told in the book of Daniel, that God often removes and sets up leaders according to His purpose and insights: Daniel 2:21– He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings…We watch this region of the world with intense interest!

What does the Israeli Public Think of President Obama?

The Opinion voiced by many Israelis can be see in an editorial written by famous Holocaust survivor, Noah Klinger. The following is an excerpt from Noah Klinger, a well-respected journalist in Israel and a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration camp in Poland. To view the full article see:,7340,L-4435699,00.html


A leader of weak character
Noah Klinger

Op-ed: If Putin and Assad succeeded in fooling Obama, Iranians will most certainly do the same.

“To tell you the truth, I believe Obama is not interested in an Iranian nuclear weapon. I also believe that he understands the imminent danger to the world in light of the Iranian nukes. But with President Obama there is still a big gap between good will and action – as we have already seen recently. When he vows to take firm action on a critical issue, there is no doubt he means it – the problem is he finds it difficult to keep his promises.

“When he vows to take firm action on a critical issue, there is no doubt he means it – the problem is he finds it difficult to keep his promises.

Obama, it appears, is a leader who capitulates often and falls prey to foxes like Putin and Assad. They simply deceive him. The result is that the leader of the free world is incapable of keeping his promises.

Take, for example, Syria. But he was also the one who refused for a long time to believe that the tyrant had attacked his own people with chemicals weapons. When he finally accepted the world’s outcry and decided on a strike – he fell for the shady plan concocted by Putin, an agreement devoid of any meaning which gives no peace or stability to the region. To put it simply, Obama did not keep his promise regardless of all explanations and interpretations surrounding that capitulation. It’s clear to all that Assad will not give away all the chemical weapons in his possession.

If Putin and Assad are successful in fooling the American president, the Iranians will most certainly succeed in doing the same thing. Indeed, it is a grim reality when the man heading the strongest power in the universe is revealed as a person with excellent speaking skills but a weak character.

The only conclusion from all of this is that Israel must be concerned about Obama’s promise. Unfortunately, the problem is not the American president’s intentions. It’s just his character which fails over and over, for “the spirit is willing but the body is weak.”

Iran a "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"-Benjamin Netanyahu

Steven LeBlanc

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scolded the U.S. diplomatic embrace of Tehran, telling world leaders Iranian President Hasan Rouhani is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” determined to use a political tactics to advance his country’s nuclear program.

Mr. Netanyahu, addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, said Israel would take unilateral military action against Iran if it felt the international community wouldn’t act to stop Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Watch this important speech:

Iran Looking to Take Advantage of America?

Steven LeBlanc

The Persian Gulf States, such as Saudi Arabia, are very concerned that America is flirting with Iran. A flirtation could re-invigorate Iran as the premier power in the region. Iran desperately wants economic sanctions to be lifted—its economy is withering; it needs foreign currency and an outlet for its oil. Lifting sanctions would give Iran the economic strength it craves—thus re-establishing itself as the greater power in the Middle East.

At the same time President Obama is desperate to avoid another war. Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have sapped the American economy, and the will of the American people.

If officials in the Obama administration are to be believed, a dramatic shift is under way in US-Iranian relations. President Obama spoke Friday with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in the first direct conversation between the two countries’ leaders since they broke off diplomatic relations after mobs in Tehran stormed the U.S. embassy in 1979 and held a total of 52 hostages for 444 days.
The two sides are talking to each other with determination not seen before, and without intermediaries for the first time in over three decades. President Obama and Rouhani’s short phone conversation is a big step toward a mutual thaw concerning Iran’s nuclear policy. But is the ‘thaw’ a deception– Israel believes that America is often swayed by ‘wishful’ thinking.

President Obama is afraid if the United States, or Israel, launches an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, Tehran will open the gates of hell and keep them open indefinitely attacking American targets all over the world. What happens to Israel in the event of an American attack on Iran is not the main concern of American policymakers and planners. What the White House is actually worried about is that the many plots against Americans where they live, work, and play will greatly escalate around the world, sending a spasm of fear throughout the nation.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel Worried

“I will tell the truth in the face of the sweet talk and the onslaught of smiles,” Netanyahu said before boarding his flight from Israel to the United States on Sunday. “Telling the truth today is vital for the security and peace of the world and, of course, it is vital for the security of the state of Israel.”

The phone call the President made to Rouhani on Friday is disturbing to Israel. Israelis ridiculed the call as Iran’s new “smiley campaign” and tried to persuade the United States not to be swayed by Iran’s new face, however persuasive. Sunday a high level Iranian Foreign minister said, “Negotiations are on the table to discuss various aspects of Iran’s enrichment program,” Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said Sunday in an English-language interview with ABC’s “This Week.”

Ultimately President Obama wants to ‘calm’ the waters. This will make him vulnerable to the Iranians. He does not want Iran to unleash its proxy Army—Hezbollah—that could do severe damage to the United States. Hezbollah is well disciplined and focused. Hezbollah is the ‘cream’ of the world’s terrorist groups, very loyal to the Iranian leadership and ready to give their lives to hurt America or Israel. Their influence is not to be underestimate.

Dangerous Hezbollah

Hezbollah— Lebanon’s Party of God— is both a threat to Israel and America. It is one of the dominant political parties in Lebanon, catering first and foremost (though not exclusively) to Lebanon’s Shi’a community. Hezbollah is also Lebanon’s largest militia, Its goal is to fight against “Western imperialism” and the continued conflict with Israel. “The group is committed to the decrees of Iranian clerics, the Lebanese state, its sectarian Shi’a community, and fellow Shi’a abroad. Hezbollah’s other (often competing) goals have included resisting Israeli occupation of Lebanese territory and contesting, and ultimately seeking to eliminate, Israel’s very existence; promoting the standing of Shi’a communities worldwide; undermining Arab states with Shi’a minorities in an effort to export the Iranian Shi’a revolution; and serving as the long arm of Iran in coordination with the IRGC– Qods Force. The consequences of these competing ideological drivers was clear after Hezbollah dragged both Israel and Lebanon into a war neither state wanted by crossing the UN-demarcated border between the two countries in July 2006 and killing three Israeli soldiers while kidnapping two more”. Levitt, Matthew (2013-09-03). Hezbollah (Kindle Locations 367-376). Georgetown University Press. Kindle Edition.

Has America become once again ‘naïve’ when dealing with its enemies? This is Israel’s concern. The ninth chapter of Joshua records the incident where the Gibeonites, fearing that what had happened to the decimated cities of Jericho and Ai, might also befall them, sought an alliance with Israel. The Israelites debated a foreign policy decision without seeking God’s will; they “did not bother to ask the Lord, but went ahead and signed a peace treaty” [Joshua 9:14-15.] To be sure, the account reveals that the deceitful Gibeonites tricked the Israelites, pretending that they were not native to the area, but instead came from a “distant land.” Our leaders today seem to be so ‘easily’ tricked by foreign leaders. Iran may discontinue work on it nuclear projects, for a season, but it is naïve to think that the American leadership can cause a change of mind among the Iranian leadership. Americans are gullible–this is the thinking in Israel.

The experience with the Gibeonites should have taught Israel’s modem descendants [America & Britain] the pitfalls of entering into alliances with “the nations.” America is well meaning but naïve when it comes to international politics. And most importantly—our leaders do not seek the counsel of God before making major foreign policy decisions. We have long ago stopped seeking out advice from the Word of God. We will pay a price for our foolishness, no matter how sincere it may be.


Steven LeBlanc

All eyes are on what is happening in Syria but let’s not forget that Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon is preparing to attack Israel if America attacks Syria

Note this from [Jewish news source]: “While Hezbollah is currently preoccupied with helping prop up Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, sending thousands of battle-hardened Hezbollah fighters to help Assad reverse rebel gains and regain the upper hand in the bloody civil war there, Lerner and other Israeli officials warn that Israel remains the group’s top target. “Those rockets won’t be used against the Syrian rebels,” Lerner said. “We know where they’ll be aimed if Iran gives the directive.”

Israeli officials say Hezbollah [Hezbollah occupies southern Lebanon] has an arsenal of more than 60,000 Iranian-made rockets, some capable of reaching Tel Aviv.

Lebanon’s own internal instability also provides a safe haven for other groups that want to hit Israel. Retired Israeli Brig. Gen. Amnon Sofrin, the former head of the Mossad’s intelligence directorate and the IDF’s intelligence and reconnaissance center, said Israel will eventually have to take steps to neutralize or reduce the numbers of rockets controlled by Hezbollah and its allies. Air strikes might be able to take out a good percentage of the Hezbollah rockets, but Sofrin says that the missile sites are so well hidden that a significant number can be destroyed only by ground forces. “I believe we won’t have any option but to go back one day to deny their capability to launch rockets into Israeli territory,” Sofrin said.

The way of Islam is one of hostility, anger and war…the prophecy of Genesis 16 continues to play out: “You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard your misery, He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers”.—verses 11-12. Today brother against brother is the tide that is riding high in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.

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