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End Time European PowerAn Abomination In JerusalemAbortionAmerica In Decline
Europe WatchAnother Threat To IsraelChrist and the LawAmerica’s Loss of Resolve
European Economic PowerArab Confederacy In ProphecyLATEST Abortion NationAmerica’s Obsession
European AdversaryIran In TroubleAmerican Addiction
Germany & EuropeIran Pushing IsraelAmerican Economy
Oil, the Dollar and the EuroIran RisingArmageddon
Europe in Crisis War In The Middle EastAmerica In Prophecy
Revelation 18LATEST Arabs and ProphecyAmerica To Be Punished
Germany and HistoryUnemployment & Prophecy
Germany & USA ProphecyChristian Festivals Pt.1
German Dominated EuropeChristian Festivals Pt.2
Prophecy & the PopeChrist returns to the Temple
Why Germany?A Myth About Jesus
Prophecy EU CrisisDrought as Punishment
LATEST Beast DictatorAmerica's Great Sin - Divorce
Hell Fire
The Law
Gods Sovereignty
LATEST Satan and The Day of Atonement
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