Israel/German Agreement.

This week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for selling Israel the latest German made Dolphin-class submarine. The price tag is a stunning $528 million dollars. According to the agreement between Israel and Germany, Germany will finance a third of the submarine’s costs.

The Israeli navy currently has three German-made Dolphin-class submarines. Two other submarines are under construction at Kiel shipyard and are due for delivery later this year. Dolphin subs are considered among the most sophisticated conventional submarines in the world.

Cruise missiles from Israeli submarines, with a range of more than 1200 miles, could strike any target in Iran. Those submarines, according to reports, can carry missiles with nuclear warheads.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Israel radio that “the purchase increases the navy’s capacity to confront far-away challenges such as Iran as well as closer ones such as defending shipping routes, countering sea-borne terror and arms smuggling, and safeguarding natural gas drilling sites and production platforms off its coasts”.

Israel and Germany have had for years an awkward and careful relationship. Is Israel in danger of trusting in her military strength rather than in God’s help? “You say you have strategy and military strength… On whom are you depending…?”—Isaiah 36:5.

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