More Sanctions Against Iran

Steven LeBlanc

It was reported today (March 30th), that President Obama is moving ahead with harsher sanctions aimed at crippling the Iranian economy. The U.S. is pressing forward with sanctions against foreign banks that continue to purchase oil from Iran. The sanctions aim to further isolate Iran’s central bank, which is the agent that processes oil transactions coming into, and going out of the country.

Washington hopes that the sanctions will pressure Iranian leaders to abandon its nuclear ambitions. At the same time President Obama is putting pressure on Israel to be patient a little longer, as it is believed the sanctions are taking a serious toll on the Iranian economy.

It is doubtful that the sanctions will have their desired outcome. Iran has its pride. To back down on their nuclear program would signal weakness to many in the Muslim world. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.—Proverbs 16:18. That scripture applies to individuals, and it also applies to world leaders.

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