Another Virus Attack Against Iran

Steven LeBlanc

A newly found computer virus is creating trouble within Iran’s nuclear computer network. The Washington Post claims that the United States and Israel collaborated to create the Flame computer virus as part of an effort to slow Iran’s nuclear weapons agenda.

The paper said, “Western officials with knowledge of the effort,” said the sophisticated computer virus was designed to spy on Iran’s computer networks and send back intelligence used for an ongoing cyber warfare campaign.

The Post reported the US National Security Agency and CIA worked with Israel’s military on the project. It is also believed that Israel and the U.S. were the source of the Stuxnet virus that did much damage to Iran’s nuclear equipment.
More reports are linking Israel and the United States to Flame and another virus called Stuxnet, which caused malfunctions in Iran’s nuclear enrichment equipment.

The cyber attacks are intended to slow down Iran’s nuclear work. The European Debt Crisis has dominated world news of late, but we must not lose sight of the impending clash between Israel and Iran. The truth is we only see bits and pieces of the escalating tensions between Israel and Iran.

Prophecy revels that there is an invisible spirit world that often does battle at a level we do not see—a type of parallel world that influences leaders at high levels of government (see Daniel chapter 10). Some international leaders may actually be influenced by lying spirits (see 2 Chron. 18:21).

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