Egyptian Elections Not Good For Israel

Steven LeBlanc

News out of Egypt is not good for Israel. Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was officially declared Egypt’s first freely elected president on Sunday. Morsi became the first Islamist head of state of the Arab world’s most populous nation.

Egypt receives about 1.3 billion in annual U.S. aid, most of it intended for the military. Whether America continues to give aid to Egypt is an important question. The pivot may be whether Egypt will now go back on its peace treaty with Israel (Camp David Accords).

The Muslim Brotherhood victory has escalated fears in Israel that its strategic 1979 peace agreement with Egypt could be in danger. Israel’s peace agreement with Egypt, its first with an Arab country, is a cornerstone of Israeli security. The agreement ended decades of hostilities including five wars and thousands of deaths.

The cold peace between Israel and Egypt has survived for over 30 years; Egypt has upheld the treaty, keeping its bordering Sinai peninsula largely demilitarized, allowing the Israeli military to focus on other hostile borders with the Palestinians, Syria and Lebanon. But now Israel realizes that most likely, sometime in the future, the Camp David Accords will one day die, and Egypt will once again become an enemy.

An end time prophecy found in Daniel 11 clearly states that “the land of Egypt shall not escape” the military invasion by the king of the North (verse 42). An end-time Muslim alliance will be spearheaded by the king of the South (verse 40). This King of the South will be anti Israel, and he may come from the nation of Egypt. Clearly, Egypt will play a more significant role in world affairs as we approach the return of Christ to this earth.

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