Throwing the towel in-America's smaller footprint in the Middle East

Steven LeBlanc

Al Qaeda’ s Resurgence in Iraq

01 14 2014

IRAQ..looks as if it is heading toward the abyss of civil war.

President Obama’s decision to pull all troops out of Iraq has created a power vacuum—into which has stepped Al-Qadea. Its operatives have taken much of Anbar province in Iraq. This is a significant win for the ‘black flag’ (Al Qaeda symbol) in its move to control and establish a piece of land that can achieve the goal of establishing a caliphate in the Middle east.

IRAN…The West is tired of Middle East wars and appears to be throwing in the towel. Capitulation to Iran at Geneva saw America, the UK and the European Union agree to allow Iran to continue to enrich uranium. US Secretary of State John Kerry made the strange suggestion that Iran might play a role in Syrian peace talks. Syria has been a proxy for Iran for years and has been used by Iran to kill many of its Sunni enemies. Such a suggestion by the Secretary of State is a show of naiveté that continues to thrive among western governments. Having Iran participate in any meetings regarding Syria would be like asking a thief to help with the local neighborhood watch.

SYRIA…The war in Syria, you have the radical Shiite bloc led by Iran, which overflies Iraq to supply Bashar al-Assad and sends (Lebanese) Hezbollah to fight for him in Syria. Russia, which has stationed ships offshore, support al-Assad with weaponry. Syria is a Russian protectorate.

The Sunni Gulf states are terrified of Iranian hegemony (territorial and soon nuclear); non-Arab Turkey is mostly Sunni and also fears Iran. Fragile Jordan is not in favor of an Iranian dominated Middle East.

President Obama backed off on his “red line” in Syria, sending a message to all that America wants a diminished role in the Middle East. America’s agreement with Iran sends a message of appeasement to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states. They see American weakness and the impending power vacuum that is giving energy to insurgents like Al-Qaeda.

The United States has long been the world’s policeman. We are now seeing what happens when the policeman can’t be depended on, or when that policeman loses its nerve. Why are we a ‘sunset’ power? Because “righteousness exalts a nation. But sin is a reproach to any people” (Proverbs 14:34). Righteousness clearly involves keeping God’s commandments (Psalm 119:172); sin is the transgression of His law (1 John 3:4). We no longer honor God—He will give us over to poor decision making on international affairs. Our ability to maintain clear vision, sustained by strong action is clearly deteriorating.

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