Watching Right Wing Europe

Steven LeBlanc

On the rise in Europe are right wing political parties. The recent European Parliamentarian elections were a success for right wing parties in Austria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Hungary and Serbia. Far-right and radical left groups will have roughly a quarter of the seats in the European Parliament, enough to gain a much louder voice regarding the direction of EU decisions. As well, we are seeing the emergence of microstates such as Scotland and Catalonia—intense nationalist movements.

Right wing parties are becoming more popular. Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France is soaring in popularity. These parties are anti-immigrant—and in certain cases anti-Jewish. What may be surprising as well is many of these parties are actually pro-Russian, not that they like Russia but they have in common with Russian President Vladimir Putin, deep conviction in ethnic states versus the lefts idea of multicultural nationhood.

In the 1930s the rise of ethnic nationalism in Europe led to horrific war—as a result millions died, 2 out of every 3 European Jews were killed, most in death camps in Poland. So ethnic and nationalist movements are worth paying attention to.

Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:6 about “wars and rumors of wars” as a sign of His “coming and of the end of the age” (verse 3). What you may not know is that the Greek word for “nation” (in verse 7) is ethnos, showing that these escalating conflicts would be largely ethnic-based wars.

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