World's Top Terrorist

06 29 2014

Steven LeBlanc

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (leader of ISIS) is considered to be the world’s most effective terrorist and its most dangerous. There is a 10 million bounty on his head. He’s launched a bold Iraq campaign that overwhelmed the U.S.-trained security forces and won ISIS, Mosul, a major Iraqi city. He has gained a level of celebrity in the Sunni world that is frightening nations throughout the Middle East. Al-Baghadadi is pushing for a caliphate empire stretching from Iraq into Syria, then into Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. He is a threat to all Middle East leaders.

After seizing Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, ISIS made a public statement that al-Baghdadi is the pre-eminent leader in a new period of Islamic history: “Now is the era of the Islamic state and the reign of Imam Abu Bakr al-Quraishi,” — referring to al-Baghdadi by one of his aliases.

Word among jihadists is that al-Baghdadi is a modern day Saladin, the early Muslim ruler who fought the Crusaders. One reason he has been successful in the Sunni dominated areas of Iraq (thus far) is that al-Baghdadi is a native Iraqi, he has reassured locals he will not persecute them. Many view him as liberating their people from the Shiite rule of the al-Maliki government that governs Iraq.

Also important to understand is Al-Baghdadi is gaining popularity in the Arab world because he promises to end the leadership rule of infidel rulers in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

Watchers of ISIS say al-Baghdadi risks overplaying his hand if he moves too quickly. It is yet to be seen if his men can hold the territory they have recently taken. One fact is for certain—the war in Iraq and Syria will only become more intense.

ISIS is saying they will attack and overwhelm Baghdad and Karbala. Baghdad will not be an easy prize for al-Baghdadi. Baghdad is Iraq’s largest city and is a Shiite-majority city. Shiite Islam’s most prominent cleric, the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has called on Shiites to defend Baghdad—thousands have responded. A fight over Baghdad would draw Shiite fighters from Iran and Syria as well.

Nations in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Jordan are positioning themselves to deal with ISIS—it looks like America is getting involved as well. Is this wise on America’s part?—It is well to remember Proverbs 26:17– He that passes by, and meddles with a quarrel not belonging to him, is like one that takes a dog by the ears.

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