Netanyahu warns the world about Iran

Watch the video of Netanyahu’s speech before Congress—he is stating what even most of the Arab world concedes; Iran cannot be trusted to honor any agreement. The President promises it has Israel’s back and will deal with Iran in Israel’s best interest. Netanyahu has told the world that though President Obama is a friend of Israel, he will not trust the President’s deal with Iran. The Prime Minister warned—that he is ready to go to it alone if necessary (meaning he is contemplating bombing Iran’s nuclear sites).

Negotiations must be based upon hard truth and this is what is so worrisome to Israel. Prime Minister Netanyahu sees Iran outmaneuvering America regarding its nuclear program—willing to tell Washington half-truths that Washington seems to embrace. Netanyahu has had enough. Netanyahu’s defiance against the President imposing his agenda on Israel has pa forerunner. On June 7, 1981, Prime Minister Menachem Begin ordered the destruction of the Iraqi Osirak reactor just before it would become operational. The Prime Minister is sending a certain trumpet…we will deal with Iran, and will not accept a bad deal. On Tuesday Netanyahu called on the President to stop sounding an uncertain call (1 Corinthians 14:8), and to wake up to the harsh reality about Iran.—Steven LeBlanc

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