Israel Angry with the Pope

The Vatican has become the latest country to recognize the state of Palestine, a new treaty was finalized on Wednesday but has yet to be signed. Most Israelis are angry that the Pope has made this decision. The Israeli leadership believes that by acknowledging a Palestinian state the Vatican has legitimized the Hamas terrorists who govern Gaza, and also has embraced the corrupt Palestinian Authority that rules the West Bank.

The strategy of the Palestinian leadership has been to convince as many nations, and institutions as it can, to endorse a fictional “state” so as to create a sense of inevitability that will pressure Israel into embracing world opinion on the Palestinian issue. Now the Pope has officially joined other world governments that claim the need for a separate Palestinian state –a decision they see as is inevitable.

Much of the world agrees with the Pope regarding a Palestinian state; 135 nations, and Parliaments in Britain, Spain, France and Ireland are included among those who have pressed their governments to recognize Palestinian statehood. Do not forget that the Palestinians were offered an independent state in 2000, 2001 (which included an offer for almost all of the West Bank, Gaza and part of Jerusalem) and again in 2008. The Palestinian leadership refused to talk with Israel in 2013 and 2014 under the Obama administration-led plan that included a two-state solution.

Where does the Pope derive the authority to claim that a country exists that has never existed in any legal, or national sense. Under the rule of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, the Ottomans, and the British, there has never been a Palestinian state. But most importantly it is God who determines the boundaries of nations. Acts 17:26–“From one man He has made every nationality to live over the whole earth and has determined their appointed times and boundaries of where they live”.

Has the Pope determined where the Palestinian state’s borders begin and end? What scriptures assure us that the Palestinians have a right to a state within the boundaries of Israel? There are no such scriptures!

What the Palestinians have learned is that if you continue terrorist activities long enough the international community, including the Vatican, will cave into pressure and yield to your wishes.

The Pope’s embrace of a Palestinians State will surely be used for propaganda purposes. Israel now becomes even more isolated within the international world that is heavily biased towards the agenda of Palestinian terrorist leaders.

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