Watching Germany in 2017

02 09 2017

Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany, and opposing AFD party leader Frauke Petry

Remember what George Friedman has said about Germany, (Mr. Friedman may be the world’s most insightful global strategist)—he has written several books on Geopolitics and is a very popular speaker. He is Jewish, he was born in Hungary, but now lives here in the United States. He is an expert on world trends and world affairs. He excels at geopolitical analysis, and forecasting—that is why I read everything he writes.

Mr. Friedman says Germany is the pivot of the world. Remember, Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world, Germany is the largest economy in Europe, Germany is the biggest bank lender in Europe, and Germany is the only true anchor of European stability. Most importantly, Germany is the dominant power in Europe today. Russia, France, Britain, and Italy do not come close to exercising the economic or political clout of Germany.

If Germany weakens or destabilizes economically or politically; Europe destabilizes, and it is not too extreme to say that if Europe destabilizes or spirals into political chaos, the world can spiral into chaos and even war. Europe is a volcano that can, at any time erupt. Historically the personality of Europe is one of war.

Europe as a continent has seen more wars fought on its home turf than the continents of Asia, Africa, and the Americas combined. Over the past 500 years over 350 wars have been fought on European soil. History tells us that the 20th century comprised the bloodiest years the world has ever seen. The two great wars, World War I and World War II, began on the continent of Europe. Over 16 million died in World War I, and conservative estimates place the death toll of World War II at 55 million. Most of these deaths took place within the European theater. Germany of course, was heavily involved in both wars.

The simple fact to remember is this: The EU (the 28 nations of Europe—composed of 500 million Europeans) is built around a massive exporter, and that exporter is Germany. That makes the EU vulnerable to drops in demand for exports. This is important: Germany derives almost 50 percent of its GDP from exports. As Europe, has weakened economically, Germany has transferred its export focus to the United States and, to a lesser extent, China. If the U.S. is cutting imports from Germany, Germany’s economy will be affected rapidly and we think dramatically. The Germans are addicted to exports and therefore utterly at the mercy of their external customers. Their last major customer with a healthy economy is the United States. If the United States cuts purchases, the German economy will be hit hard because Germany can’t increase domestic consumption enough to compensate. And if a mini-trade war erupts between America and Germany…this could devastate the German economy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has sent several high-ranking emissaries to Washington. President Trump believes that Germany has gotten the upper hand with America when it comes to trade. The Trump presidency worries the Germany leadership.

On the religious front, many are unaware that Germany is a major financial supporter of the Roman Catholic Church. No nation other than America, gives more each year to the Catholic Church. Why is this important? Because prophecy reveals that a formidable European agreement with the Catholic Church – a concordat between the Beast and the false Church – will soon be forged. Money and politics are the best of friends. But a closer relationship between Germany and the Vatican is yet in the future.

We are watching this closely: Germany is making moves on the military front. President Trump is not the first U.S. president to demand more defense spending from NATO’s European members. He is, however, the first to openly label the NATO alliance “obsolete” and to hint that the United States might refuse to protect members that fail to meet the NATO defense spending target of 2 percent of GDP. On Jan. 18, Germany’s defense minister announced that Berlin would boost its military budget this year by nearly 2 billion euros ($2.1 billion) to reach 37 billion euros. Germany has vowed to continue increasing defense expenditures over the next three years. Germany is almost forced to focus more of its attention on defense.

And finally, the European press is calling the German elections this fall as the most important election cycle in the last 60 years. Right now, Mrs. Merkel has a comfortable lead in the polls. But should we get more terrorist attacks in Germany, her lead could evaporate very quickly.

The Bible shows that Germany, in the near future, will again use the Roman Catholic Church to help forge a unified European “Beast” (Revelation 13; 17:1–7), much as was done under Charlemagne. This emerging global power will become an international economic power (Revelation 18:2-3, 9-14), and will use that power for political purposes. It will appear peaceful at first, but will be changed into a destroying, war-making beast (Daniel 11:21; Revelation 13:2-3; Revelation 17:12-14). Daniel describes this end-time kingdom as a strong and cruel beast with “iron teeth,” which Christ will conquer and punish at His return (Daniel 7:7, 19-23). —Steven LeBlanc

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