Continued Unrest in Europe, Chancellor Merkel's visit to America

The current rise of nationalism in Europe is the result of European institutions’ failure to cut high unemployment and control the flow of immigrants coming into the EU. Eight years after 2008, Europe still has not solved its economic problems. 18 months after the massive invasion of refugees into Europe, there is still no clear and efficient policy to address the issue of refugees. Adding to the political chaos in Europe, and also troubling German, French and Italian leaders, is that Donald Trump has challenged the idea that free trade is always beneficial; and he is even questioning NATO. Right-wing parties across Europe are asking the same questions.

We are seeing a return to nationalism in Europe and the United States, because to many in Europe and America, internationalism, which became popular after World War II, is viewed as smothering individual economies and neutering national sovereignty.
Eventually, in the not to distant future, we are told that political turmoil in Europe (Revelation 17), will lead to a newly formed confederation of states in Europe that will be beastlike (terribly destructive). European leaders will then choose one single dictator, the prophesied “beast,” which will set up a system that will be extremely brutal (verses 12 and 13). European extremism will return. Jesus Christ himself will destroy this end-time empire, and then Christ will establish the Kingdom of God on earth, that will rule the nations with justice and force

Meanwhile, EU leader Germany is still insisting Russia to do more on its end to apply the Minsk rules, the understanding intended to end the conflict in eastern Ukraine signed by Kiev, Moscow and Ukrainian separatists. But EU sanctions are becoming a source of division within the bloc, divisions that could widen depending on the outcome of upcoming elections in Europe. This leaves Ukraine in a dangerous position in regards to the EU. Kiev is now looking for additional alliances with countries like Poland and the Baltics.

What is of great interest to me in the coming weeks, is Angela Merkel’s visit to the United States.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit the United States on March 14th to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump, what Reuters reported on March 3rd. The March meeting will occur ahead of a gathering of G-20 finance ministers in Germany. The American President will visit Germany in July for a G-20 summit. Germany, like many European nations –their leaders fear that the policies of the new U.S. government could create havoc in the global order — Germany (Angela Merkel) is especially concerned about what “Trump may do”. The source of Germany’s greatest fear is German exports. Angela Merkel will do everything possible to avert a trade war with the United States, such a war would be devastating to the Germany economy. The German economy is heavily dependent upon its ability to export German goods.

We will watch closely Chancellor Merkel’s visit with the President. Remember Luke 21:36: Watch and pray that you may be worthy to escape the great trouble that is ahead of us.—Steven LeBlanc

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