April 2014

Secretary Kerry offends Jews

Steven LeBlanc

Jews around the world are seething over remarks made by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who warned that Israel could become an apartheid state if they did not reach a peace treaty with the Palestinians. Apartheid is a set of laws designed to create ‘separation’ between races that existed in South Africa between 1949 and 1994.

Secretary Kerry insisted his remarks were only an expression of his conviction that a two-state solution was the only way to end the long-running impasse. But most Jews don’t buy his explanation. The US secretary of state has recently apologized.

Columnist: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER has stated; It’s beyond nonsense, it is pernicious and extremely harmful. What the Secretary of State of the United States has succeeded in doing, in what he thought was a private comment, is to echo and therefore to legitimize the worst of the libelous claims against the Jewish state.

If there is one minority in the Middle East that enjoys the rule of law, and protection, and democracy it is Arabs in Israel. One out of every five Israelis is a Palestinian, overwhelming they are Muslim. There are Arabs in the government, in the Supreme Court, in all walks of life, in the universities. There’s actually affirmative action if you are a Palestinian in the universities. And to compare that in anyway with the systematic discrimination against black Africans in South Africa is truly appalling and hurtful.

What so many of the world’s leaders fail to appreciate is that the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, the PLO have insisted that the 600,000 Jews living in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria must leave their homes and land before the Palestinians recognize Israel. To put it another way: The Palestinians demand that the territory that would comprise their state must be ethnically cleansed of all Jews before they will agree to a two-state solution. They also demand that the borders of the Palestinian state will be along the 1967 ‘green-line’ and that its capital will be East Jerusalem. Anti-Semitism is the problem that Washington and most of Europe choose to ignore.

What the Western press fails to acknowledge is that raw hatred of Jews is the single biggest factor contaminating the Peace process. The Palestinians claim they want peace but they lie…it reminds me of Proverbs 26:24-25: He that hates disguises it with his lips, and lays up deceit within himself; when he speaks graciously, believe him not, for there are seven abominations in his heart…

As you can see in the Secretary’s comments, the current administration sees Israel through jaundice eyes.

America's lack of will...

Steven LeBlanc

04 18 2014

Our nation is in serious decline. We have rejected God’s commandments and we show little respect for His word as put forth in the Bible.

As a result of our disobedience and lack of respect for Him, God will facilitate our decline as a superpower. Leviticus 26:19 reveals what God is doing to us as a nation because we refuse to repent and obey Him. “I will break down your strong pride”.

Below are excerpts from Caroline Glick’s latest column describing the decline of American power. She writes for the Jerusalem Post, you can view her complete article on her website at: carolineglick.com. The article is entitled: The disappearance of America’s will.

Here are some excerpts:

“The most terrifying aspect of the collapse of US power worldwide is the US’s indifferent response to it.

In Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East and beyond, America’s most dangerous foes are engaging in aggression and brinkmanship unseen in decades.

As Gordon Chang noted at a symposium in Los Angeles last month hosted by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, since President Barack Obama entered office in 2009, the Chinese have responded to his overtures of goodwill and appeasement with intensified aggression against the US’s Asian allies and against US warships.

In a similar fashion, Beijing is challenging Japan’s control over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea and even making territorial claims on Okinawa.

The US has responded to Chinese aggression with ever-escalating attempts to placate Beijing. And China has responded to these US overtures by demonstrating contempt for US power.

As for Europe, the Obama administration’s responses to Russia’s annexation of Crimea and to its acts of aggression against Ukraine bespeak a lack of seriousness and dangerous indifference to the fate of the US alliance structure in Eastern Europe.

Rather than send NATO forces to the NATO member Baltic states, and arm Ukrainian forces with defensive weapons, as Russian forces began penetrating Ukraine, the US sent food to Ukraine and an unarmed warship to the Black Sea.

Clearly not impressed by the US moves, the Russians overflew and shadowed the US naval ship. As Charles Krauthammer noted on Fox News on Monday, the Russian action was not a provocation. It was “a show of contempt.”

As Krauthammer explained, it could have only been viewed as a provocation if Russia had believed the US was likely to respond to its shadowing of the warship. Since Moscow correctly assessed that the US would not respond to its aggression, by buzzing and following the warship, the Russians demonstrated to Ukraine and other US allies that they cannot trust the US to protect them from Russia.

In the Middle East, it is not only the US’s obsessive approach to the Palestinian conflict with Israel that lies in shambles. The entire US alliance system and the Obama administration’s other signature initiatives have also collapsed.
Then there is Iran.

The administration has staked its reputation on its radical policy of engaging Iran on its nuclear weapons program. The administration claims that by permitting Iran to undertake some nuclear activities it can convince the mullahs to shelve their plan to develop nuclear weapons.

In a televised interview Sunday, Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akhbar Salehi insisted that Iran has the right to enrich uranium to 90 percent. In other words, he said that Iran is building nuclear bombs.

And thanks to the US and its interim nuclear deal with Iran, the Iranian economy is on the mend.

The interim nuclear deal the Obama administration signed with Iran last November was supposed to limit its oil exports to a million barrels a day. But according to the International Energy Agency, in February, Iran’s daily oil exports rose to 1.65 million barrels a day, the highest level since June 2012.

Rather than accept that its efforts have failed, the Obama administration is redefining what success means.

As Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz noted, in recent months US officials claimed the goal of the nuclear talks was to ensure that Iran would remain years away from acquiring nuclear weapons. In recent remarks, Secretary of State John Kerry said that the US would suffice with a situation in which Iran is but six months away from acquiring nuclear weapons.

In other words, the US has now defined failure as success.

Then there is Syria.

Last September, the US claimed it made history when, together with Russia it convinced dictator Bashar Assad to surrender his chemical weapons arsenal. Six months later, not only is Syria well behind schedule for abiding by the agreement, it is reportedly continuing to use chemical weapons against opposition forces and civilians. The most recent attack reportedly occurred on April 12 when residents of Kafr Zita were attacked with chlorine gas.

The growing worldwide contempt for US power and authority would be bad enough in and of itself. The newfound confidence of aggressors imperils international security and threatens the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

What makes the situation worse is the US response to what is happening. The Obama administration is responding to the ever-multiplying crises by pretending that there is nothing to worry about and insisting that failures are successes.

There is a direct correlation between the US elite’s preoccupation with social issues running the narrow and solipsistic gamut from gay marriage to transgender bathrooms to a phony war against women, and America’s inability to recognize the growing threats to the global order or understand why Americans should care about the world at all.

And there is a similarly direct correlation between the growing aggression of US foes and Obama’s decision to slash defense spending while allowing the US nuclear arsenal to become all but obsolete.

America’s spurned allies will take the actions they need to take to protect themselves. Some will persevere, others will likely be overrun”.

Full article: http://carolineglick.com/the-disappearance-of-americas-will/

Egypt on the brink of civil war

Steven LeBlanc

04 12 2014

Egypt, a nation of 84 million people is on the verge of imploding. Civil war is very possible as the backers of the Muslim Brotherhood continue to contest the ruling military government. Speaking with someone who just returned from Egypt I was told “I have never seen Egypt so tense and so dangerous”. This individual told me they saw very few tourists and the street could erupt into violence at any moment. For the first time in years they felt “unsafe” when touring the nation.

Recently the Egyptian court sentenced 529 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death. Cairo wants to break the will of the Brotherhood and force it to accept the coup that toppled the government of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on July 3, 2013. The military regime, led by Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi [image above] is determined to macerate the Brotherhood’s influence in Egypt. Over 1,000 Morsi supporters were shot dead after last July’s coup, and some 16,000 Brothers, and leaders of the secular youth movement that sparked the Tahrir revolt, have been rounded up and imprisoned. The domestic strife involving the Brotherhood has created even greater instability in the Middle East than most realize.

The military’s iron fist approach, the most vigorous in Egypt’s modern history, is fueling a violent Islamist insurgency across the country. Since the coup, insurgent attacks have spread from the Sinai peninsula into the cities, there is really no safe place anymore.

Alaa Abdel Fattah, a secular young software engineer and blogger at the heart of the 2011 Tahrir rebellion says, “there is despair among a young generation; they are offering nothing. There is no future, no jobs for graduates and no way out”.
Yet again we see the prophecy play out about the character of the descendants of Ishmael (Arab people) in Egypt (many in Egypt are of the tribe of Ishmael): “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”—Genesis 16:12.

Egypt is divided and exhausted—more strife and tension lies ahead.

Activist judges push same-sex marriage

Steven LeBlanc

04 07 2014

Once America allows State Judges or Supreme Court justices to sanction same-sex marriage, you open the door for other kinds of perverse definitions of marriage. Satan is especially effective at getting humans to redefine good and evil in ways that they prefer—thus rebelling against God’s definition of right and wrong.

The U.S. Supreme Court turned against the God ordained definition of marriage when they reversed the federal Defense of Marriage Act in 2013. Eventually it looks as if the Supreme Court will decide for the nation how marriage is to be defined.

As of the year 2003, same-sex counterfeit marriage was banned in all 50 states. But now in the year 2014 seventeen states embrace this counterfeit marriage. Changes have come about at the hand of activist judges. In six states activist judges have reversed statues upholding traditional marriage. And on Friday Judge Timothy Black of Ohio announced today he will strike down the Ohio’s ban on gay marriage, approved by voters in 2004. Many conservatives are enraged and argue that striking down the ban would “disregard the will of Ohio voters, and undercut the democratic process.” Black said, “Gays are denied their fundamental right to marry a person of their choosing and the right to remain married.”—this contradicts the 14th amendment (Black’s twisted reasoning).

Black has joined judges in six other states that have recently struck down statues upholding traditional marriage. More judges likely will follow suit, and the question of whether states can determine what constitutes marriage within their borders will eventually be decided by the nation’s highest court.

Churches have much to fear. Gay marriage will soon become the law of the land; soon pressure will be put on Churches to perform same-sex marriages under threat of taking away their tax-exempt status if they refuse. The “gay” community has already forced California schools to teach homosexual and transgender history. And small businesses from bakeries to moving companies are bullied into catering to gay pressure groups.

Brendan Eich the CEO of Mozilla the tech company that created Firefox web browser was forced to step down this week because it was discovered that he gave a $1000 donation to the campaign for Proposition 8—the winning effort to write a provision in the California constitution defining marriage as the exclusive union between a man and a woman. California voted in favor of this provision only to have it overturned by the courts.

Judicial activism in 2013 and 2014 (Taken from WorldMag.com…April 4, 2014) pushing same-sex marriage:
• Ohio—Judge orders state to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
• Michigan—Constitutional ban overturned by federal judge. Judge’s ruling stayed pending appeal.
• Texas—Constitutional ban overturned by federal judge. Judge’s ruling stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court pending appeal.
• Kentucky—Judge orders state to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.
• Virginia—Constitutional ban overturned by federal judge. Judge’s ruling stayed pending appeal.
• Oklahoma—Constitutional ban overturned by federal judge. Judge’s ruling stayed pending appeal.
• Utah—Constitutional ban overturned by federal judge. Judge’s ruling stayed by the U.S. Supreme Court pending appeal. (2013)
• New Mexico—by state Supreme Court ruling
• Illinois—by state statute
• Hawaii—by state statute
• New Jersey—by a judge’s ruling
• California—by a federal judge’s ruling in 2010. The ruling did not go into effect until the Supreme Court upheld it in 2013.
• Minnesota—by state statute
• Delaware—by state statute
• Rhode Island—by state statute

Let us not diminish the word of God which says:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination” (Leviticus 18:22).

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