October 2016

Watching Syria more closely

10 09 2016

Bombing in the city of Aleppo Syria

You need to be watching Syria more closely.

Syria is not simply about Syrians and the Middle East; Syria has become a proxy ground for the likes of Russia, the United States, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah, the Islamic State, the Saudis and the rest of the Arab monarchies.  All these powers are involved in Syria—Syria has become a testing of clarity and strength for all these governments.  As well, Iraq, Lebanon and the Kurds are heavily influenced by what is happening in Syria.  And let’s not forget that Europe has been deeply impacted by the chaos in Syria.

The Syrian civil war has sent huge numbers of migrants to Europe creating heavy friction within the European Union. Europe’s refugee crisis is dividing countries that wanted to freeze migration from those that would encourage it (such as Germany). This intensified already existing tensions in Europe over the economy. It is practical to say that Syrian migrants shaped the Brexit vote, encouraged the rise of radical right-wing nationalist groups throughout Europe and will bring to power new leaders in various European nations when people vote in national elections in Germany, France, Italy and Greece over the next 2-3 years.

President Assad of Syria is among one of the basest of men who continues to rule in the Middle East (Daniel 4:17); that whole region will only become more chaotic as we transition over into the year 2017–Steven LeBlanc

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